Easily Hang Sneeze Guards from Ceilings (COVID-19)

Easily Hang Sneeze Guards from Ceilings (COVID-19)

The global COVID-19 outbreak is affecting how essential businesses conduct productive and safe operations. During these unprecedented times, businesses are challenged to implement solutions that ensure the health of their customers and employees. Many local businesses, in conjunction with their facility maintenance partners, are installing sneeze guards (also called sneeze shields, cough guards, or sneeze screens) in strategic areas to help protect employees and customers from the spread of the COVID-19 virus. That leads to the question of how to DIY a hanging sneeze guard?

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A Ceiling Outfitter's Plastic Sneeze Guard Hanging from the Ceiling

If you have a metal ceiling, magnets are one of the easiest ways to hang sneeze guards without drilling holes in your ceiling.

The sneeze guard material being installed may be as simple as hanging clear shower curtains or more complex installations of heavy, durable plexiglass shields or acrylic sneeze guards (also known as an acrylic or plastic sheet) to create a hanging plexiglass barrier.

Sneeze guards are being installed in various places around the store, including check-out counters, customer service desks, drive-through windows, warehouses/distribution centers, restaurants, and even in office spaces.

Why a hanging sneeze guard? Once you have your plastic, glass, or other material to be the shield, do you really want to drill permanent holes into expensive store counters? Do you really want to take up counter space with the base of the sneeze shield? An alternative is to safely hang sneeze guards from the ceiling.

But how do you hang them so they don’t look tacky? If you’re looking for hanging sneeze shields, here’s what to do once you have the plexiglass or acrylic sneeze guard barrier. So if you’re looking for information on how to make a sneeze guard, simply find plexiglass or acrylic sheet (the sneeze shield itself) and then follow these instructions on how to easily make and install hanging plexiglass shields:

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How To Install Sneeze Guards from Ceilings

  1. Step One: Attach string, wire, cord, or rope to the sneeze shield.
  2. Step Two: Attach other end of the cord to the ceiling using a magnet, clip, or hook.
  3. Step Three: Make adjustments so that the sneeze guard is hanging level and at the proper height.

1. Attach Wire to Sneeze Guard

Ceiling Outfitter's LoopLine Light 328 feet, used with their banner hanger systems.

You can use fishing line with small loops to make it easy to hang level without tying knots.

You’ll need to first figure out how heavy the sneeze guard is and find a material to act as a cord that can handle the weight of the hanging shield.

First, figure out how much the sneeze guard weighs:

  • If made from .06 acrylic, the weight is .375 lbs/square foot. For example, a 4 ft. x 3 ft. sneeze guard weighs about 5 lbs.
  • If made from .04 PETG, the weight is .235 lbs/square foot. For example, a 4 ft. x 3 ft. sneeze guard weighs about 3 lbs.

Next, determine what kind of ceiling you have:

Based on that, choose a wire, string, cord, or rope:

Then, attach the string to the sneeze shield

A banner hanger/topper used for Hanging Plexiglass Sneeze Barrier from the ceiling.

A banner hanger/topper can help to stabilize the hanging plexiglass.

You’ll connect the wire (cord, string, or rope) to the plexiglass shield in one of two ways, depending on the weight of the sneeze guard. Either:

  • Quick, Not as Attractive: Connect it directly to the plexiglass sneeze guard. Drill (at least) two holes in the top of it. That’s how you’ll connect the wire to the sneeze shield. You could also attach a hook through the hole. We don’t recommend using tape to attach the cord to the sneeze guard.
  • Professional-Looking: Use a banner hanger. Connect the string to the banner hanger, which is attached to the sneeze guard. Note that depending on the weight of the shield, you may want to drill holes into the plexiglass itself and use a banner hanger to make it look more professional.

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2. Attach Wire to the Ceiling

A Clik Magnet for Hanging plexiglass Sneeze Guards from Ceilings

ClikMagnets™ are powerful neodymium ceiling magnets used for hanging sneeze shields from ceilings. They come in different strengths and styles. Buy now »

Attach the other end of the wire (etc) to the ceiling. You can also do this in several different ways, depending on the type of ceiling you have. Ways to attach a sneeze guard to the ceiling itself include:

Metal Ceilings (ex. Open Beam)

To easily install the ceiling magnets, you could use a telescoping extension pole to attach the magnet clip to the ceiling. Alternatively, use a lift or ladder. Here’s an all-in-one kit that will help you hang sneeze guards (note that these kits do include the plexiglass itself – you can find hardware without plexiglass here).

A Click Clak piece helping a business owner hang a plexiglass Sneeze Shield from a High Ceiling

If you have ceilings over 27 feet tall, try this option instead to create a hanging plexiglass barrier.

If you have ceilings over 27 feet tall, try this option instead.

Drop-Ceilings w/ Sneeze Guards Under 10 Pounds

For drop-ceilings in general, you can simply use a ceiling magnet or attach a special clip to the metal frame surrounding the ceiling tile, and then loop the cord through it. Note that if you’re not using LoopLine (such as a wire cord), you may want to use this device or a metal crimp. More details here. Note that if the t-bar metal is recessed from the title itself, a ceiling magnet is probably your best option.

Drop-Ceilings w/ Sneeze Guards Over 10 Pounds

For sneeze guards heavier than 10 lbs, using steel cable, anchor the sneeze guard using a metal ceiling clip to a “T” bar of your standard drop ceiling. More details here. If the t-bar is recessed, see how to hang it here.

Other Types of Ceilings (ex. Finished Ceilings, Drywall, Wood)

Connecting LoopLine to Eye Screw

This example shows an eye screw in the ceiling that’s connected to the plexiglass using LoopLine.

You’ll probably need to use a ladder or lift for this part. Unless you’re adding a small metal plate to use with a ceiling magnet, you’ll likely need to drill a hole into the ceiling and use a hook or other fastener (such as a screw eye).

Once the hooks are installed, you could use an telescoping extension pole to attach the string/wire to the ceiling hook.

For lighter-weight sneeze guards, use this cord. For heavier sneeze guards, use crimped steel cable and an UrbanTrapeze cable clamp to connect the barrier to the eye-screw.

Note that if you’re not using LoopLine (such as a wire cord), you may want to use this device or a metal crimp.

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3. Adjust for Height and Make it Level

Make adjustments to be sure the sneeze guard is hanging level and at the right height. Here’s how:

  • If you’re using LoopLine, you won’t need to retie any knots! Simply adjust the number of loops to match.
  • If you’re using a wire gripper/cable adjuster (UrbanTrapeze), you’ll simply need to use that to change the length of the wire cord/cable.
  • If you’re not using fishing line with loops (LoopLine) or a wire gripper/cable adjuster (UrbanTrapeze), you’ll need to:
    1. Take down the sneeze guard
    2. Undo the knots
    3. Adjust the rope to be the correct length
    4. Retie the knots
    5. Cut off the excess rope
    6. Reattach the sneeze guard to the ceiling

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Diagram of How to Hang Sneeze Guards from Drop Ceilings (Under 10 Pounds)

See below for an image of how to install hanging plexiglass shields from drop ceilings (a DIY hanging sneeze guard).

A Diagram showcasing how to Hang Plexiglass Sneeze Guards from Ceilings in order to protect employees and customers.

Click image to download as PDF.

Ceiling Outfitters offers many products available for immediate shipment to enable rapid completion of COVID-19 related projects.

Whether you want to install hanging plexiglass from a ceiling (including a drop-ceiling), acrylic sneeze guards, signs, or banners, our products make it easy to suspend them from the ceiling.

Not sure where to start? Contact us: chat with us (button at the bottom right-hand corner of the page), call us at (972) 588-1555, or email us. Our USA-based team is happy to help!


The UrbanTrapeze™ is a unique product that allows for fast, adjustable, and secure installation of heavier items that require steel cable. UrbanTrapeze speeds up the installation process by reducing or eliminating crimps and ferrules. This is the ideal hardware for hanging heavy plastic shields.

E-Z Twist Drop Ceiling Clips

If you’re looking for how to hang plexiglass from drop ceilings, our E-Z Twist Drop Ceiling Clips are perfect for hanging makeshift shower curtain sneeze guards in locations with Drop Ceilings. For example, C-Stores or Fast Food Restaurants.

Hanging Sneeze Guard Hardware

A wide selection of hanging hardware including steel cable, swager, and cable cutting tools, aluminum crimps and sign hanging systems are available through Ceiling Outfitters. Check out this Diagram: Hang Sneeze Guards from Ceilings



LoopLine makes it easy to connect a ceiling magnet to a sign. This is perfect for plexiglass sheets hanging from the ceiling.

An alternative solution for hanging plexiglass panels from the ceiling uses our LoopLine™ cord in place of the steel cable and the UrbanTrapeze. LoopLine is a connecting cord made from 2” continuous loops. It is easily measured simply by counting the number of loops. When each line has the same number of loops, the sneeze guard hangs level. Self-connect to the ceiling clip of your choice and the sneeze guard by looping the line back through itself. Click here for our LoopLine instruction sheet. LoopLine has a 25 lb. tensile strength, and is available in clear, white or black in 82 ft. and 328 ft. spools and is easily cut with scissors; no special tools needed. Most of the sneeze guards being deployed weight from 6-9 pounds making LoopLine a less expensive solution for your project.

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Where can I buy hanging sneeze guard hardware?

If you already have the plexiglass sneeze guard itself, you can buy the hardware to hang the plexiglass sneeze guard here. This makes it easy to take your existing sneeze shield and hang it from the ceiling.

Why should I hang a plexiglass sneeze guard instead of using a countertop sneeze guard?

By hanging a plexiglass sneeze guard from the ceiling, you’ll avoid needing to drill holes into the countertop. Plus, it can easily be moved from one location to another. Some sneeze guards are not ideal for checkout counters because they don’t have room under them to pass products back and forth. But our hardware works great because you get to decide how much room goes between the shield and the counter.

How easy is it to hang plexiglass sneeze guards from ceilings?

If you have the right hardware, it’s easy. We make it simple: Buy the plexiglass hanging sneeze guard hardware here.

Our products are in-stock and ready to ship from the USA. They hang in minutes, come in various sizes, and are high-quality. 100% US-based customer service team.