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This high-grade aluminum hardware is specially designed for hanging lightweight items such as lighting, baffles, signage, and displays.

Looking for the best industrial fixture hanging hardware or industrial fixture mounting hardware? Whether you are working on an HVAC, electrical, construction, or maintenance installation project, we have products perfectly suited for your needs.

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UrbanTrapeze® steel cable tensioner for electrical industrial installation

UrbanTrapeze™ steel cable tensioner for electrical industrial installation.

Electrical (industrial lighting installation)

Whether you’re running a job site, managing a manufacturing plant, or building the machines and parts, Ceiling Outfitters keeps you competitive, safe, and profitable. Our hardware is specifically suited for hanging lighting fixtures.

Electrical Products:

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Tri-Line Cable Kit for Acoustical Panel installation projects

Tri-Line Cable Kit for horizontal Acoustical Panel installation project.

Acoustical Panel Installers

Acoustic panels will improve the sound of any room, but properly installing them can require the right tools, placement, and equipment. Our light fixture mounting hardware provides quick, easy, and low-cost solutions for most panel installations.

Acoustical Products:

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Steel cable for sale by Ceiling Outfitters

Professional quality steel wire for installing ductwork or other fixtures in the ceiling ecosystem.

HVAC Installers

Our HVAC products allow you to create adjustable loops in steel cable quickly and easily for hanging ductwork, straps, aircraft cable fixture hangers, and more. Our products are designed with you in mind, giving you reliable strength with easy-to-use solutions. 

HVAC Products:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hang industrial light fixtures from the ceiling?

UrbanTrapeze® revolutionizes hanging signs, lighting, HVAC equipment, acoustical baffles or other articles with its built-in push-button locking mechanism which automatically grips steel cable. Installers can create an adjustable loop, easily make height adjustments, or level an installation by simply pressing the button to freely move the cable back and forth. Users may experience up to a 50% savings in labor with the UrbanTapeze®.

How do you suspend ductwork?

UrbanTrapeze® cable grippers with steel cable are our recommended solution for hanging ductwork from ceilings. Chat with us or call us for specific recommendations on your application.

What payment methods are available?

We accept major credit cards, including VISA, MC, AmEx, and Discover. Customers can place their orders over the phone or on our website.

What kinds of discounts are available? 

Discounts are available based on volume. Customers can call us to discuss discounts.

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What warranties do you offer? 

Retailer Solutions Co, LLC dba Ceiling Outfitters makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the merchantability of the products offered for sale. We warrant our products against manufacturer’s defects and will, at our option, replace or repair the defective products at no charge to the customer. The return of defective products at our expense may be required; don’t dispose of defective items until notified by us. Liability on manufacturer’s defects is limited to the purchase price of the items warranted.

Do you charge sales tax? 

Yes we charge sales tax. We have nexus in TX, KS, WI, IL, OH, MN, MI, and GA. To remove the sales tax, the buyer must present a fully executed resale certificate issued by their state. Fully executed includes our company name and address, and includes their account number with the revenue department, properly signed and dated by the buyer.