ClikMagnets™ are powerful neodymium magnets used for hanging any size sign or banner from tall ceiling heights with ease. Perfect for drop-ceilings, open-beam ceilings, T-bars of most suspended ceilings, girders, and metal ceilings containing iron (steel).

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ClikMagnets prevent ceiling tiles from being lifted and damaged. The plastic coating stops damage to painted surfaces caused by twist-on ceiling clips. Metal rings allow for an easy connection to the string/wire or our patented LoopLine cord that hangs the sign.

Offered in various pull strengths, up to 20 lbs. (9 kg.). The magnetic strength can be impacted by the content of ferrous material in the metal along with the presence of dirt, paint and uneven metal surfaces.

Reusable Clik-Magnets are part of the Clik-Clik™ sign hanging system, and can be easily installed or moved with a MagMover™ and MagPole™. They can be used with other ceiling hanging systems too.

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