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Plexiglass hanging hardware is in high demand. The plexiglass sneeze guard is the current go-to protection barrier for businesses during the pandemic. Hanging sneeze guard hardware lets you place the barrier exactly where you need it without damaging countertops or furniture. Companies can continue to provide their services while protecting their employees and customers that need to conduct business in close quarters.

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To find the right hardware, simply click on your ceiling type and plexiglass size below or contact us with questions to get hardware for hanging plexiglass sneeze guards!

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Hardware options for hanging plexiglass vary based on the type of ceiling and the weight of your barrier. We’ve listed all the parts you need by ceiling type and you can add to the cart from there.

For Drop Ceilings:

For Finished Ceilings:

Don’t see a solution for your type of ceiling? Reach out and let us help you select the components that will work for your project.

Ceiling Outfitters is helping doctor’s offices, retailers, schools, commercial offices, salons, and more with the hardware to hang plexiglass from the ceiling.

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