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Hanging Sneeze Guards Is Easy

The Sneeze Guard is the current go-to protection barrier for businesses. Companies around the world continue to provide their services while protecting their employees and customers that need to conduct business in close quarters. Ceiling Outfitters is helping doctor’s offices, retailers, schools, commercial offices, salons, and more with the hardware that makes installing sneeze guards easy.

Hanging Sneeze Guard Easily

Utilizing the ceiling allows you to place the barrier exactly where you need it without damaging counter tops or furniture. Identify the location for the guard and select the correct hanging hardware for fast and easy installation.

Options for safely installing protection devices vary based on the type of ceiling. Depending on your ceiling style and the weight of your barrier, a secure connection can be made using a simple combination of two to four parts listed below.

First, do you already have the sneeze guard?

If yes, keep reading.

If no, you will need to obtain one. Our information below may help you to decide on your preferred guard type.

Second, what kind of ceiling do you have?

Drop Ceiling:

Finished Ceiling:

If you do not see a solution for your type of ceiling, reach out and let us help you select the components that will work for your project.

Shop Individual Hardware (without Shields)

E-Z Twist-On Metal Ceiling Clip – Strong steel ceiling clip with superior grip
Round Red ClikMagnet – Patented neodymium magnet with up to a 20-lb magnetic pull
LoopLine – Patented cord in black, white, or clear, has a 25-lb tensile strength yet cuts with scissors
UrbanTrapeze 1.5 cable clamp – Self-locking cable adjuster for making adjustable loops in the cable
Steel Cable – 1/16-inch – 7×7 galvanized uncoated wire cable
Aluminum Crimp – Swaging sleeve for creating a loop with steel cable


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Connecting Solutions for Various Ceilings

Drop Ceilings

Shields Under 10 lbs.

Drop Ceiling and Flush Bar to Panels Anchor the sneeze guard to a “T” bar of your standard drop ceiling with either the E-Z Twist-On Metal Ceiling Clip or the Round Red ClikMagnet and our patented LoopLine cord.

You will need one connecting clip and a strip of LoopLine for each attachment point on your guard. Make sure each strip of LoopLine has the same number of loops so the sneeze guard will hang level.

Sneeze guards usually only require two connection points. However, more may be necessary for longer or thicker barrier material. If your barrier material is thin and bows when hung take a look at our guard toppers at the bottom of this page.

• Connect one strip of LoopLine to a Metal Ceiling Clip or ClikMagnet

– Insert one end of LoopLine through the hole in the Ceiling Clip
– Feed the other end through the first loop and pull tight to secure the connection

• Connect Metal Ceiling Clip or ClikMagnet and LoopLine to the Sneeze Guard

– Insert the free end of LoopLine through the hole in the Sneeze Guard
– Feed the end and Ceiling Clip through the first loop and pull tight to secure the connection

• Connect Metal Ceiling Connector with LoopLine and Sneeze Guard to a “T” bar in your ceiling

So, how much does my sneeze guard weigh?

If it is made from .06 acrylic the weight is .375 lbs/square foot. For example, a 4 ft. x 3 ft. sneeze guard weights about 5 lbs.

If made from .04 PETG the weight is .235 lbs/square foot. For example, a 4 ft. x 3 ft. sneeze guard weighs about 3 lbs.

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Graph Showing Combined Hardware for Lightweight Sneeze Guard

Drop Ceiling

Shields Over 10 lbs.

For sneeze guards heavier than 10 lbs, anchor the sneeze guard to a “T” bar of your standard drop ceiling with an E-Z Twist-On Metal Ceiling Clip, crimped 1/16″ Steel Cable, and an UrbanTrapeze 1.5.

You will need one Metal Ceiling Clip, one UrbanTrapeze, one Crimp and a length of Steel Cable for each connection point of your guard.
(Sneeze guards usually only require two connection points. However, more may be necessary for a wider barrier.)

• Connect one length of Steel Cable to a Metal Ceiling Clip

– Insert one end of Steel Cable through the hole in the Ceiling Clip
– Swage end of the cable with an Aluminum Crimp to create a secure loop

• Connect Metal Ceiling Clip and Steel Cable to the Sneeze Guard

– Insert the free end of Steel Cable through a clutch button of the UrbanTrapeze
– Continue through the hole in the Sneeze Guard and up through the other clutch button
– Level the Sneeze Guard with the push of either button on the UrbanTrapeze

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Drop Ceilings

With Recessed T-Bar

Recessed Drop Ceiling Bars Use our strong Round Red ClikMagnets to anchor the sneeze guard to a drop ceiling T-bar that is recessed into the ceiling panels; typically called a Tegular Ceiling Tile.  The Round ClikMagnet fits onto the T-bar without damaging the ceiling tile.

Our ClikMagnet is made from rare-earth neodymium material and will not lose its magnetism. The Round Red ClikMagnet has up to a 20 lb. magnetic pull.

Depending on the length of the guard, you will need at least two ClikMagnets in order to spread the weight of the shield among several connection points.

Connect the ClikMagnet to the sneeze guard with our easy to use LoopLine cord which is available in clear, white or black in 328 ft. or 82 ft. spools and has a tensile strength of 25 lbs.

LoopLine cuts with scissors. Simply count out the same number of loops for each cord. Connect the cord to the ceiling clip and then the sneeze guard by looping the line back through itself. Use this link to learn more about using LoopLine.

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Anchoring to a Finished Ceiling

For finished drywall or wood ceilings, an eye-screw is the best anchor for your sneeze guard. Your favorite hardware store will have the correct size eye-screw for your project. Consult with them for the best way to anchor the eye-screw into your ceiling.

For lighter-weight guards, use our LoopLine cord. See products »

For heavier sneeze guards, use crimped Steel Cable and UrbanTrapeze cable clamp to connect the barrier to the eye-screw. See products »
See Supplies for Lightweight Guards »

See Supplies for Heavy Guards »

Eye Screw to UT Ceiling Hanging Sneeze Guards

Add Toppers to Stabilize the Shield

Topper used with thinner material keeps it straight

Dress-up the appearance and increase the stability of your sneeze guard with our E-Z Aluminum Elliptical Banner Hanger System  (also available in black).  Adding a top and bottom rail stabilizes thinner sheets by keeping them from bowing or curling and provides a quality, easy to use connection point for attaching your barrier to your ceiling clip with LoopLine or steel cable. You can eliminate the need for a hole in the guard rounding the sharp corners which are in the topper. This also saves on labor when manufacturing the guard.

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Sneeze Guard attached to ceiling clip with LoopLine

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hang a sneeze guard?

There are a number of factors you need to consider, including ceiling type, ceiling height, the weight of your chose sneeze guard, personal preference, etc. But, it’s easier than you may think. Check out the detailed analysis and recommendations here. We’re very confident that you’ll find an easy, low-cost, less invasive solution that will work for your ceilings and workplace.

Is there plexiglass hanging hardware?

Absolutely yes. What you use will depend on your ceiling type, ceiling height, and the thickness and weight of the plexiglass guard. See our recommendations here.

How do I clean my vinyl sneeze guard?

The best cleaner is with warm water and a mild soap solution with a microfiber cloth. Be sure and rinse well with clear water.

There are commercial products on the market including Mat Pro, 303, and Imar. Be sure and follow the directions carefully.

DO NOT USE bleach, ammonia, alcohol, or other harsh cleaners which could cause the vinyl to cloud over. Read the labels carefully.

Always test a small corner of the sneeze guard before cleaning the whole material.

What are the requirements for hanging a sneeze guard?

Sneeze guards should be installed anywhere where your employees interact with the public, and hanging them is a great alternative to the floor or counter-based sneeze guards.

You will need:

  1. Rope, cord, or string, and a sneeze guard shield.
  2. A ceiling magnet, clip, or hook.
  3. Ladder (if you’re working with a finished ceiling).

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How high should a sneeze guard be?

An effective sneeze guard should be 72 inches high when measured from the floor, which should exceed the mouth height of most people.



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