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Install large, heavy permanent signs, cable trays, and more on your ceiling with 7×7 galvanized uncoated steel cable.

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This thin, wire cable is constructed of zinc-coated, galvanized steel.

  • Recommended safe working load for this wire rope is a 5:1 ratio (cable break strength divided by 5).
  • Available in 1/16 inch steel cable (.16 centimeter) or 1/8 inch steel cable (.32 centimeter) diameters in a variety of spool lengths (100, 250, 500 and 1000 ft.).
  • Perfect for use with the FlatHat™ magnetic sign hanging system or UrbanTrapeze™ self-locking cable adjusting devices.
  • Meets Federal Specifications RR-W-410G, plus dimensional and strength requirements of MIL-DTL-83420M.

Our FELCO cable cutters are precision made in Switzerland. Unique cutting blade design provides a clean cut, reducing crushed or frayed ends of the metal cable.

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FAQs About Steel Cable

Where does the product ship from?

As with all our products, steel cable products ship from the USA (Texas).

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How much does steel cable cost?

The price of steel cable varies based on the quality, thickness, and length of the spool. We sell both 1/8-inch steel cable and 1/16-inch steel cable.

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How quickly are orders for steel cable fulfilled?

We ship our in-stock product within 24 hours, excluding holidays and weekends. Orders received after 4:00 pm CST will be shipped on the next business day.

All orders ship from Texas.

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 Which is stronger between 1/8 inch 7x7 steel cable, or 1/16 inch steel cable? 

The recommended safe working load for 1/8 inch 7 x 7 steel cable construction is a 5:1 ratio (cable break strength divided by 5). Therefore the approximate break strength is 1700 pounds (771.1 Kilograms) resulting in a safe working load of 340 pounds (154.2 Kilograms).

Safe working load for 1/16 Inch 7×7  is 96 pounds (43.5 kilograms) because the approximate break strength is 480 pounds (217.7 kilograms)


Is it possible to use a thinner gauge wire cable with the UrbanTrapeze 3.0? Specifically, is 1/16 in. uncoated galvanized aircraft cable compatible with the UrbanTrapeze 3.0?

It is always possible to insert a thinner gauge cable into the UrbanTrapeze 3.0. BUT, it was designed to work with 1/8 (3.0mm) cable. There are no long-term studies the confirm the performance reliability of mixing these two items. We DO NOT recommend using a thinner gauge wire in this instance.