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  • Hang signs & banners from any ceiling height
  • No ladder needed
  • Uses magnets
  • Great for any industry
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Clik-Clik Magnetic Sign Hanging System

Wish you could hang a sign from the ceiling without using a ladder? It’s easy! The Clik-Clik™ Magnetic Sign Hanging System harnesses the power of magnets which are raised to the ceiling with a telescoping installation pole. Eliminate the dangers and added costs associated with a ladder or renting a scissor lift.

You need more than ceiling magnets for hanging signs. A sign-hanging system has all the hardware you need to make the job quick and easy.

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UrbanTrapeze™ Cable Adjuster

Create an adjustable loop in steel cable with the compact, self-locking UrbanTrapeze™ and eliminate the need for aluminum crimps/sleeves and ferrules. It’s an adjustable wire gripper that makes it easy to:

  • Level and adjust signs with the push of button
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Solution for suspending other equipment (lighting, HVAC equipment, etc)
  • Use in retail, manufacturing, and many other venues

We also have bulk/B2B solutions.

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E-Z Sign Hanging Accessories

We offer a wide selection of alternative sign hanging hardware solutions to mount signs to ceilings. Additionally, our E-Z™ Banner Hanger solutions professionally frame the top and bottom edges of graphics and prevent curling. All of our easy, economical, and reusable products effectively improve the appearance of your environment (store, event venue, warehouse, manufacturing facility, etc).

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Visual Merchandising Manager

“Initially, we were very skeptical that Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs would be of any use or benefit to our stores. We place tremendous strategic emphasis on our signage program and in-store merchandising, so we decided to do a test store to study the taping issue at store level.”

“Like all retailers, we put a lot of pressure on our stores to make sure our sales signage is up on time and 100% complete. Our associates were using whatever means at their disposal to get the signs up on time. That resulted in associates using tape whenever clips could not be used for signage. We analyzed our tape usage, and actually found we used a lot of tape on our signage. For example, we used tape when signing odd fixtures, floor models, boxed/skidded merchandise, odd racks, glass counters and wherever we were missing clips. The tape was dirtying and aging our strips and fixtures and made our signage look untidy to customers. Also, associates often took tape from our office supply racks which resulted in costly shrinkage.”

“After banning tape and testing Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs in the test store, our operation team’s overwhelming conclusion was that aside from improved store merchandising for our customers, Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs are cheaper to use than tape. They significantly accelerate in-store execution of our signage program. They do not leave tape gunk on our fixtures so they effectively prolong our fixture life. We found that Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs are faster, cheaper, and neater than taping.”

Visual Merchandising Manager

UrbanTrapeze Replaces Crimps

I really can’t say enough about the product and service we received working with Tom. Our company was introduced to the UrbanTrapeze™ and our installs have never been more efficient or safe! The product has been very easy to install, adjust and remove. It is a stout little product that has now replaced our wire crimps and bolt cutters that we previously used to install parking garage overheads.

The UrbanTrapeze™ is great for our application, and I would recommend to anyone who is still crimping and cutting!


UrbanTrapeze Replaces Crimps Director of Operations

Susan Dalrymple

Service was both personal and professional.

Susan Dalrymple


Clik-Clik™ has helped our stores execute the ceiling sign program for the past 4 years. Ceiling Outfitters has met all of our customer service needs and promptly filled and delivered our orders.


American Airlines

We LOVE Ceiling Outfitters and their products. The American Airlines Honor Team at DFW decorates the gate area in terminal C for different military charity events throughout the year ending with our largest event, The Snowball Express (for the families of our Fallen Heroes: https://www.snowballexpress.org/). Previously, we used fishing line and paper clips to hang snowflakes and other decorations from the ceiling. It would take us days to complete the whole area – but Ceiling Outfitters came to our rescue with the awesome Clik-Clik Magnet system and “LoopLine”. These products saved us several days of work – not to mention the frustration of putting fishing line on paper clips, climbing a ladder and lifting ceiling tiles to tuck the paperclip underneath. The “tear down” day was amazingly easy and we can reuse these for next year! Thank you Tom for helping us make Snowball a great success!

American Airlines Autumn Hedberg

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