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Your One-Stop Ceiling Sign Hanging Super Shop

Expert service and top-notch products to help you hang nearly anything from the ceiling (and more).

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Awesome Signage Solution!

We trialed the 5lb magnets, with LoopLine and the 2 piece hanging bar (Dual MagMover). It could not have been more simple! I was very happy that we could get signs up quickly, and accurately placed, without needing to drag out a man-lift (we have 27′ tall ceilings).

The first wind that came through our warehouse, which is open to the wind on one wall, tore most of the signs down. I sent Ceiling Outfitters an email telling them what happened, and asked their advice as to whether we should try a stronger magnet, or if the wind was going to make magnets an unusable hanging solution.

Tom reached out to me by phone within a few minutes of sending my email! Talked me through the situation, offered alternative products to trial, and sent me samples for free! Turns out the 20# pull ClikMagnet is going to survive the wind. Last weekend’s storm tested them to the max, and they didn’t budge a bit!

I am super impressed by the quality of their magnet hanging system (the Clik-Clik system), the ease of use, the clear and ample instructions provided, the training videos available – and now, by their excellent and rapid customer service, and how they stand by their products. Could not recommend Ceiling Outfitters more! Great company, great product. Thank you!

Bennett Apiaries, Inc.

Prolong our Fixture Life

“Initially, we were very skeptical that Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs would be of any use or benefit to our stores. We place tremendous strategic emphasis on our signage program and in-store merchandising, so we decided to do a test store to study the taping issue at store level.”

“Like all retailers, we put a lot of pressure on our stores to make sure our sales signage is up on time and 100% complete. Our associates were using whatever means at their disposal to get the signs up on time. That resulted in associates using tape whenever clips could not be used for signage. We analyzed our tape usage, and actually found we used a lot of tape on our signage. For example, we used tape when signing odd fixtures, floor models, boxed/skidded merchandise, odd racks, glass counters and wherever we were missing clips. The tape was dirtying and aging our strips and fixtures and made our signage look untidy to customers. Also, associates often took tape from our office supply racks which resulted in costly shrinkage.”

“After banning tape and testing Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs in the test store, our operation team’s overwhelming conclusion was that aside from improved store merchandising for our customers, Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs are cheaper to use than tape. They significantly accelerate in-store execution of our signage program. They do not leave tape gunk on our fixtures so they effectively prolong our fixture life. We found that Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs are faster, cheaper, and neater than taping.”

Major retailer with 300 stores
Visual Merchandising Manager

UrbanTrapeze Replaces Crimps

I really can’t say enough about the product and service we received working with Tom. Our company was introduced to the UrbanTrapeze™ and our installs have never been more efficient or safe! The product has been very easy to install, adjust and remove. It is a stout little product that has now replaced our wire crimps and bolt cutters that we previously used to install parking garage overheads.

The UrbanTrapeze™ is great for our application, and I would recommend to anyone who is still crimping and cutting!

Large Sign Company
Director of Operations

Clik-Clik in Retail – Executes Well

Clik-Clik™ has helped our stores execute the ceiling sign program for the past 4 years. Ceiling Outfitters® has met all of our customer service needs and promptly filled and delivered our orders.

United Supermarkets

We LOVE Ceiling Outfitters and Their Products

We LOVE Ceiling Outfitters and their products. The American Airlines Honor Team at DFW decorates the gate area in terminal C for different military charity events throughout the year ending with our largest event, The Snowball Express (for the families of our Fallen Heroes: https://www.snowballexpress.org/). Previously, we used fishing line and paper clips to hang snowflakes and other decorations from the ceiling. It would take us days to complete the whole area – but Ceiling Outfitters came to our rescue with the awesome Clik-Clik Magnet system and “LoopLine”. These products saved us several days of work – not to mention the frustration of putting fishing line on paper clips, climbing a ladder and lifting ceiling tiles to tuck the paperclip underneath. The “tear down” day was amazingly easy and we can reuse these for next year! Thank you, Tom, for helping us make Snowball a great success!

Autumn Hedberg
American Airlines

UrbanTrapeze – Really Convenient

Recent purchased some UrbanTrapeze clamps to hang LED bay lights. The install went really fast and they are really convenient when you need to move a fixture. I would recommend buying the Felco Cutters as well, they make a super clean cut.

Karl Sanford
Manhattan Project Beer Company

UrbanTrapeze Testimonial

Used these clamps to install a new drop ceiling! These clamps are the slickest thing I’ve ever used. These clamps knocked off so much time it made the job a lot faster and easier! I’ll definitely find other uses for them!
Thanks again!

Tom Stephens
Lake Diane Marine

Solid Product

We hold a poster session at our scientific conference every year, and making arrangements to display the posters has been challenging for decades. The products we purchased from Ceiling Outfitters have made this process so much easier. While we don’t use the product for hanging banners from the ceiling, we do use the (E-Z Elliptical) Aluminum Banner Hangers to hang the posters on the wall and support other posters on easel stands. The Aluminum Banner Hangers keep the posters flat and steady. They go on and come off easily and are easy to store between conferences. We’re happy! Tom sent product samples so we could confirm that the product would work as we hoped it would, and the full order arrived quickly.

Wisconsin Wetlands Association

A Big Hit

I had used this item before and when I came to CBC I knew that I needed to order one for the volunteers. They love it and most of all no more ladders are needed for hanging items from the ceiling!!

Bryan Church
Community Baptist

Above and Beyond Service

We had made a purchase of 500 UrbanTrapeze 1.5 Aircraft Wire Cable Stop Clamp Adjuster Gripper Looper. As the job went on we ran short and were in need of 500 more. I called in to place the order but missed the ship deadline for Fed-Ex. The wonderful lady I dealt with on the phone (I wish I could remember her name – Katie), personally dropped the order off at Fed-Ex on her way home to insure I got them the day I needed them. That is above and beyond service that you do not see very often. That is the sign of a well run company where employees are invested in the success of the company and service to the customer. Thank you!

Christian Vanderham
Hammerhead Electric & Technology

Christian Vanderham
Hammerhead Electric & Technology

Fixed An Ongoing Problem

The UrbanTrapeze® Drop-Ceiling Hanging Cable Sign Holder Kit we purchased recently has fixed a problem we have had for several years with our way-finding signs falling from the drop ceiling no matter how we attached them. This is much for secure and I have no doubt that our signs will no longer be falling down constantly. I couldn’t be more pleased.

David H
Blount Mansion

Focus on customer satisfaction

I ordered some products (excellent quality) and they were delivered by the carrier to the incorrect address (carrier’s error). I notified Tom. He and his team followed up with the carrier, located the lost package and had it re-delivered me at the correct address within a day! Excellent service indeed!

Hand & Stone Spa Carle Place NY

Industries We Serve

Ceiling Outfitters® is a trusted provider of high-quality sign-hanging solutions for various industries, partnering with over 2,000 organizations and over 22,000 retail stores since 2007.

Our solutions are tailor-made for retailers, marketers, restaurants, contractors, manufacturers, distributors, educators, event venues, faith-based organizations, and more. Save time, enhance productivity, and experience ladderless hanging solutions for your environment.

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About Ceiling Outfitters

Ceiling Outfitters® is a premier distributor of high-quality specialty ceiling sign-hanging solutions used in various venues. From production facilities and retail stores to fast-food restaurants and educational facilities, our products are designed to optimize visual displays and effectively communicate with customers and employees.

With a focus on convenience and efficiency, we offer quick shipping across the United States and beyond, typically fulfilling orders within 24 hours. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our sample availability, limited warranties against manufacturer’s defects, and flexible return policies, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued clients.

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