How to Hang Ceiling Banners and Displays (4 Things to Consider)

How to Hang Ceiling Banners and Displays (4 Things to Consider)

Business owners, facility, and location managers often find it challenging to easily hang display bannersproduct promotions, and other ceiling signs. Hanging a sign that draws attention and highlights a product, message, presentation, or event in a persuasive manner can be a challenge. Ceiling Outfitters® offers high-quality sign hanging solutions that support FAST, SAFE, and EASY installations.

The Challenge of Hanging a Ceiling Display

Retail stores, manufacturers, event venues, schools, religious organizations, and other businesses hang and change signs, banners, and event displays throughout the year. Without the proper ceiling sign-hanging tools and hardware, managing the installation of these items will quickly become time-consuming, often frustrating, and dangerous if a ladder is involved.

Also, consider the time it takes to research, purchase, and receive the hardware.

And when you install the signs and step back to admire your work, you discover that the sign is crooked. Or, within hours of installation, the sign falls to the floor. After mounting an informational graphic to the wall, you may discover that your customers or employees rarely notice the sign because it is not easily read from a distance.

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Ceiling signs and displays centrally presented in the traffic flow of a facility, near featured products, pallet displays, work areas, and productions cells are more easily noticed and remembered by customers and employees.

To successfully hang signs, banners, and ceiling displays, you need to use the correct tools. Ceiling Outfitters has the tools that solve your challenges. Our priorities to you are to supply quality sign-hanging products and solutions at a competitive price, to ship quickly to meet deadlines, and deliver excellent customer care.

Clearing up Common Concerns

There are four common elements to consider when researching and buying a solution for hanging signs. Questions that we address daily at Ceiling Outfitters.

1. Sign size and weight

The size of the sign and the substrate (material) it is made from help determine the correct connecting solutions that will safely hold your ceiling display in place. Temporary P-O-P signs are typically lightweight and made from paper, FomeCor®, or styrene. Permanent signs are made from heavier materials and usually require heavy-duty hardware.

2. Weight restrictions

Facility restrictions are essential to know and are based on multiple factors. These include the weight of the ceiling display, the type of ceiling, corporate policies, and the connecting hardware.

3. Type of ceiling

Drop or suspended ceilings should only support signs that weigh 5 lbs. or less. Open-beam ceilings support heavier signs.


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4. The Best Resource for Hanging Ceiling Displays

We have curated the perfect sign hanging solutions to simplify the decision-making and installation process.

When searching for the right hardware for an easy, secure, and effective way to hang a ceiling display, look no further than our broad selection of connecting systems and hardware. Our products include:

Click-Clik™ Magnetic Sign Hanging
UrbanTrapeze™ cable adjuster system for heavier signs requiring steel cable
E-Z Banner Hangers Rails strengthen and straighten the top of paper signs and vinyl banner
Sign Hanging Accessories will compliment your hanging project.

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