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Ceiling grid clips

Ceiling grid clips make it easy to hang signs from drop ceilings.

Ceiling Outfitters provides high-quality sign hanging solutions for open beam and drop ceilings (aka “suspended ceilings”). We offer hanging accessories to complete sign hanging or banner hanging projects of various sizes and weights.

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Choose from a wide selection of ceiling clips with compatible light-duty installation poles, hooks, and other sign hanging hardware. Project-specific hardware like the UrbanTrapeze™ cable adjuster, steel cable, and tools are also available.

The time-saving, simple-to-use UrbanTrapeze self-locking cable adjusters automatically grip and secure wire rope, eliminating the need to swag crimps or ferrules.  It’s the perfect hardware for installing aisle markers, heavier signs or décor items, lighting systems and HVAC ductwork.

Ceiling grid clips make it easy to hang signs from ceilings. The E-Z Twist™ Ceiling Clip attaches to signs with a single connection point to the ceiling. Install the clip with our Aluminum Installation Pole. Our exclusive EZ Twist Ceiling Clip comes with the popular, easy-to-use LoopLine Light cord, which replaces traditional less-secure metal-barb tipped string or monofilament.

Choose the E-Z U-Hook combined with E-Z Connect Binder Post & Screw Set  for signs/banners made from thicker materials (like GatorFoam®, Fome-Cor® or PVC).

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