Hanging Sneeze Guard Kits

Hanging Sneeze Guard Kits with Plexiglass

Our plexiglass-like hanging kits have everything you need to quickly hang sneeze guards from ceilings. Click to browse »

Easy-to-Hang Sneeze Guard Kits with Hardware

Our Hanging Sneeze Guard Kits are configured with affordability, safety, and ease of installation in mind. Each complete plexiglass-like hanging kit, which you can buy below includes all the components needed to position and attach the sneeze guard to a drop-ceiling or suspended ceiling T-bar. Our crystal-clear vinyl guards (plexiglass substitute) are available in a variety of sizes to partition large spaces and provide personal protection when interacting with others.

Sneeze guards are typically made from acrylic or plexiglass. Most people are familiar with rigid materials like Lexan®, Plexiglas®, and PVC including translucent or opaque shower curtains. Sneeze guards from Ceiling Outfitters® (buy below) are made from a clear, light-weight, flexible, fire-resistant vinyl, making them inherently cost-effective, easy to install and much less expensive to ship.

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Why Our Hanging Sneeze Guard Kits?

When buying hanging sneeze shield kits, you have options. Why choose ours?

  • ✓ In-stock & ready to ship from the USA USA flag
  • ✓ Fast install (hangs in minutes)
  • ✓ Various sizes
  • ✓ High-quality

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What’s Included

Each hanging sneeze guard kit has everything you need, and is made from a combination of the following items:

  • ✓ Flexible plexiglass-like vinyl shield/barrier: 20 mil crystal-clear, fire-resistant guard (Already have a shield? You can buy the hardware separately.)
  • ✓ Hanger rails for top & bottom edges of each shield: E-Z Banner Hangers either plastic or metal depending on the size and weight of the guard
  • ✓ Ceiling connectors: plastic for the smaller/lighter-weight guards, and metal for the larger heavier guards
  • ✓ Hanger bar (metal or plastic) for the leading and trailing edge of the guard is included to help keep the guard flat and weighted to reduce swaying
  • ✓ Connecting Cord (LoopLine™) for quickly attaching the sneeze guard to the ceiling connectors. No knots required, making it easy to hang the shield level!
  • ✓ Additional accessories

Due to the nature of the vinyl material, the panel sizes could vary by as much as +/- 2%.

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They’re perfect to be used as hanging sneeze guards for reception desks, hanging sneeze guards for counters, hanging sneeze guards for nail salons/pedicure places, and more.

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Hanging Sneeze Guard FAQs

How to hang a sneeze guard?

There are a number of factors you need to consider, including ceiling type, ceiling height, the weight of your chose sneeze guard, personal preference, etc. But, it’s easier than you may think. Check out the detailed analysis and recommendations here. We’re very confident that you’ll find an easy, low-cost, less invasive solution that will work for your ceilings and workplace.

Is there plexiglass hanging hardware?

Absolutely yes. What you use will depend on your ceiling type, ceiling height, and the thickness and weight of the plexiglass guard. See our recommendations here.

How do I clean my vinyl sneeze guard?

The best cleaner is with warm water and a mild soap solution with a microfiber cloth. Be sure and rinse well with clear water.

There are commercial products on the market including Mat Pro, 303, and Imar. Be sure and follow the directions carefully.

DO NOT USE bleach, ammonia, alcohol, or other harsh cleaners which could cause the vinyl to cloud over. Read the labels carefully.

Always test a small corner of the sneeze guard before cleaning the whole material.