On Site Uses for the UrbanTrapeze® Family

On Site Uses for the UrbanTrapeze® Family

by Bruce Hrvatin, Category Manager

Ceiling Outfitters® popular UrbanTrapeze® family of products, makes connecting and adjusting to steel cable easier and faster.

The UrbanTrapeze In-Line Model 1.5 for 1/16th-inch cable and Model 3.0 for 1/8th-inch cable is the backbone of the product line. A wide variety of industries use adjustable cable grippers, including Electricians, HVAC Contractors, Sign Installation Companies, Retailers, Construction Firms and much more.

Several products have been added to the UrbanTrapeze product line, These include the UrbanTrapeze Gated J-Hook, the UrbanTrapeze In-Line Panel Holder, the In-Line Panel Connector, the In-line Steel Cable w/ball end, the UrbanTrapeze In-Line Drop Ceiling Cable Connector, the UrbanTrapeze Drop-Ceiling Hanging Cable Sign Kit, and the Tri-Line Cable Kit for Acoustical Panels.

This blog examines traditional or common applications for UrbanTrapeze products along with highly creative uses.

UrbanTrapeze In-Line Loop Model 1.5 

Figure 1 Honeycomb Light Fixture

Figure 1 Honeycomb Light Fixture

the most popular of the UrbanTrapeze Family is used with 1/16th-inch 7×7 galvanized cable to form a secure connecting loop with a holding power of up to 48 pounds on a dynamic load.

  1. Used by an artist in Littleton, CO, for personal use to hang metal artwork from ceiling supports in an unfinished basement.
  2. A wedding venue in Peabody, MA created steel cable loops and wrapped string lights around the cable and then suspended the assembly from the ceiling.
  3. An electrical company in Throop, PA created a honeycomb lighting fixture from a strut channel assembly which was attached to the steel beam above the drop ceiling.

UrbanTrapeze In-Line Loop Model 3.0 

This model is used with 1/8th-inch 7×7 galvanized cable to form a secure connecting loop with a holding power up to 170 pounds on a dynamic load.

  1. A display manufacturer in Westminster, CO, installed a temporary ceiling structure.
  2. For a large wedding reception a floral company in Conroe, TX hung four floral chandeliers each five feet long and weighing 200 pounds with flowers attached to the chandelier, they strung a15-foot rod iron bar between two beams and hung the chandeliers off the cable.
  3. A pickleball court in Madison, WI, hung a 35-foot divider curtain.
  4. A homeowner in Westerville, OH, is hanging bird feeders from branches on trees in her backyard. (Note: we do not recommend using UrbanTrapeze outdoors).
  5. An interior designer in Charleston, SC created a custom chandelier with multiple hanging sphere lights and decorative driftwood branches that spanned three stories.
Floral Chandelier utilizing the UrbanTrapeze In-Line Loop Model 3.0 

Floral Chandelier

Pickleball court divider utilizing the UrbanTrapeze In-Line Loop Model 3.0 

Pickleball Court Divider

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An artist's glass boat utilizing the Urban Trapeze In-Line Steel Cable with Ball End  

Figure 4 Artist’s Glass Boat

In-Line Steel Cable with Ball End  

The In-Line steel aircraft cable with an attached ball terminal on one end and fuse cut on opposite end.

  1. Used by a floral company in Salt Lake City, UT, along with the UT In-Line Loop Model 1.5 and E-Z Crimps for a site-specific installation artwork made from acrylic panels.
  2. An artist in Kaukauna, WI, who designs and manufactures decorative glass boats, used this product to hang in his showroom for viewing by prospective clients.

UrbanTrapeze Drop Ceiling Hanging Kits  

Easily hang signs and ceiling displays from drop ceilings. (kit contains two each of drop ceiling connectors, steel cable with ball end, in-line sign panels and hex key).

  1. Kits were used by a public library in Wilsonville, OR, to hang lightweight acoustic clouds from T-Grid ceilings.
  2. Boston University used kits to mount curtain rods in a dressing room.
  3. A medical office in Alexandria, VA, used kits to hang wayfinding signage throughout the office.

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UrbanTrapeze Gated J-Hook

The UrbanTrapeze Gated J-Hook allows for quick and easy connections and disconnections when hanging assorted items from ceilings.

  1. An art and design school in Indianapolis, IN used it with the UrbanTrapeze In-Line Model 1.5 cable gripers for installation of public artwork made of lightweight wood and fabric segments.
  2. A construction company in Indianapolis, IN, hung decorative ceiling tile clouds throughout a large hall.

UrbanTrapeze In-Line Hanging Panel Hardware

Hang various panels from the ceiling, contains a built-in steel cable adjuster and is compatible with 3/8-inch-thick materials. Includes nut and bolt to insert through pre-punched holes.

  1. A marketing agency in Colorado Springs, CO produced a comprehensive sign package for a grocery store and used this along with UrbanTrapeze 1.5 to hang signs. Signs were printed on special 3/8-inch acoustic felt material.  This solution solved their interior sound-echo problem.

In-Line Cable with Ball End, In-Line Panel Connector, and UrbanTrapeze Drop Ceiling hanging kit.

  1. In what might be the most unusual application of the UrbanTrapeze Family of Products, a college in Michigan used the above parts in a prototype prosthetic arm they were making. The cables attached to the fingers and higher up the arm create tension and close the fist when the arm is moved in a specific direction.

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Now you know a little more about the UrbanTrapeze product line and some of the unusual applications. It’s time to start thinking out of the box and consider the UrbanTrapeze Family of Products for that unique hanging project.

You can have confidence that Ceiling Outfitters will have the tools, solutions, and know-how you need to complete your project correctly.

Not sure which UrbanTrapeze model fits your needs? Reach out for expert advice tailored to your specific project requirements!

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