FlatHat for Ceilings Over 27 ft.

FlatHat for high ceilings


FlatHat Receiver for Tall Ceilings

Hang signs or displays from ceiling heights over 27 feet using the hardware for sale below.

Clik-Clik’s ladderless FlatHat system virtually lowers the ceiling to an accessible height, achieving the same safe, quick, and easy-to-use results as the traditional Clik-Clik system.

The required components are available below (our USA-based company ships anywhere in the Americas) and include the FlatHat Receiver, Round ClikMagnet, steel cableUrbanTrapeze cable lock, along with a MagPole, 24 inch Dual MagMover™, and LoopLine.

How to Hang Signs From Tall Ceilings:

  1. Using the products below, attach the steel cable to the ceiling where sign placement is desired securing the connection with a crimp.
  2. Thread the free end of the cable through an UrbanTrapeze and attach to the ring of a FlatHat Receiver.
  3. Finish the connection by threading the cable through the opposite side of the UrbanTrapeze.
  4. With the push of a button, adjust the UrbanTrapeze to the preferred height and level the sign.
  5. Connect the Round ClikMagnets to the sign using LoopLine cord, position on the 24 inch Dual MagMover threaded to a MagPole and raise to connect securely to the Receiver.


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