Clik-Clik Products

Hang Ceiling Signs Fast, Simple, and Safe

Ceiling signage is a valuable strategy for presenting important messages to your customers and employees. But hanging signs from ceilings is frequently avoided because it is considered difficult and dangerous.

The ladderless Clik-Clik™ Magnetic Sign Hanging System makes the job of hanging or re-positioning signs from ceilings of any height Fast, Simple and Safe. A single individual can confidently install signs and displays in seconds with his feet planted firmly on the floor. Clik-Clik products are ideal for either drop or open beam industrial girder ceilings.

Components of the Clik-Clik system include a telescoping installation MagPole, a MagMover to hold the magnets, ClikMagnets that attach to the ceiling and LoopLine cord which connects the item being hung to the magnet. All the products are reusable and economical. Offering professional quality design features, superior functionality, and a one-year warranty, the Clik-Clik system provides the best integrated magnetic sign hanging solution available.

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