How to Measure Ceiling Height (4 Easy Steps)

How to Measure Ceiling Height (4 Easy Steps)

My Ceiling Is Too Tall to Reach – Not!

If you’re wondering how to measure ceiling height in your facility and not sure where to start, we’re here to help you out.

Your ceiling may not be as tall as you think it is, and you CAN use it for hanging signs (check out our quick how-to on sign hanging) and décor items regardless of “ideal minimum ceiling height.”

If you are like me, sorry to say, you probably are; you have a tough time determining the maximum height of the ceiling in your facility.

In the October 23, 2013 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience, a report determined that depth perception in humans is influenced by that person’s arm length, among additional factors (let’s not event talk about estimating square feet). Suggesting that depth perception is subjective ensures that “eye-balling” is far from an industry-standard practice.

I’ve talked to many customers who swear their store ceiling is 30 ft. tall only to discover it is closer to 20 ft. using the simple method shown below. And, at 20 feet tall (even 27 feet), the ceiling is low enough to implement the Clik-Clik™ Magnetic Sign Hanging System for hanging signs from the safety of the floor (you don’t even need a tape measure), and far away from nuisances like ceiling fans.

Steps to Measure a Ceiling

  1. Recruit someone to stand against the wall below the ceiling you wish to measure. Or you can use an object like a door, store fixture, or window instead… make sure you know its height.
  2. Stand about 20 feet in front of the same wall, extend your arm in front of you, and “measure” the person’s height using your thumb and index finger by forming an open backward C.
  3. Continue “measuring” up the wall with the original spacing established between your thumb and finger until you reach the ceiling – no tape measure needed.
  4. Take your friend’s approximate height and multiply it by the number of “measurements” from the floor to the ceiling. 6′ x 2.5 = 15′ …

Download ‘How To Measure Ceiling Height’ PDF here or Watch our video about How To Measure Your Ceiling Height

This graphic demonstrates the procedure.
How To Measure The Height Of Your Ceiling

Determining the Height of Your Ceiling

Now, you’ve seen how easy it is to determine the height of the ceiling in your facility. There is no need to schlep a ladder around the building when you can implement the Clik-Clik™ Magnetic Sign Hanging System to easily and quickly hang signs and other ceiling displays from the safety of the floor. Ease of use ensures consistent execution of the sign program and saves time directed to further enhancing the customer experience.

For contractors, it’s an easier means of hanging lights, acoustic panels and ductwork. Shop Clik-Clik™

By the way, if you do have a ceiling taller than 27 feet, we have an excellent solution for you. Reach out and ask us about the FlatHat™ System from Clik-Clik.

Next, we’ll show you how simple it is to hang level signs, even on slanted or sloped ceilings!

For contractors, it’s an easier means of hanging lights, acoustic panels and ductwork – learn about the easiest, simplest fixture hanging solution available.

For business owners, retailers, and restaurants learn how to make good use of your ceiling space.

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