What Electrical Contractors Need To Know About Electrical Hanging Solutions

What Electrical Contractors Need To Know About Electrical Hanging Solutions

Electrical contractors are required to have intensive training, knowledge, and expertise on the job. It can be hazardous when working with live electrical wires and ceiling-mounted electrical equipment that can fall if mounted incorrectly. However, with the right electrical hanging solutions and hardware, you can have more convenient and safer workdays without the risk of falling objects such as light fixtures.

Specialized electrical construction work requires steel cable mounting hardware such as the UrbanTrapeze™. This tool ensures the sturdy installation of hanging lights, signage, and other interior fixtures from commercial building ceilings.

Things Electrical Contractors Need To Consider

Electrical contractors typically consider the following factors when choosing reliable electrical mounting hardware solutions for their projects:

1. Weight of the Fixtures

Fixtures are available in all shapes, sizes – and, most importantly, weights.  For instance, some hardware connectors are designed to accommodate a limited amount of weight. Exceeding the weight rating of the connector could cause ceiling damage allowing the light fixtures to be a fall hazard.

You have to ensure that your electrical mounting hardware can take the weight of the fixture and its location during the installation.

2. The Type of Hardware

The structure of your lighting fixtures will also determine the mounting hardware you’ll need. You must select the proper electrical hanging solutions for your fixtures.

3. Ease of Installation

While installing these lighting solutions is part of the job, do not make your life harder by purchasing mounting hardware that takes hours to install or requires complex tools.

4. The Environment

You may also want to consider the location and the environment where the fixtures will be hung. Ensure that you use rust and corrosion-resistant mounting hardware in humid areas.

How To Easily Hang and Adjust Electrical Fixtures

Current installation methods are changing with the introduction of new and innovative products.  The UrbanTrapeze helps to reduce the number of installation steps, the number of tools and needs, and makes climbing a ladder less dangerous than it already is.

The UrbanTrapeze is a practical and versatile solution for hanging light fixtures and other electrical equipment from certain ceiling heights. If you’re working with steel cables, this is the best solution. It has a reliable cable gripper/lock solution that the installer easily customizes where to locate fixtures, unlock and relock to the cable with the push of a button and manipulate on the job.

Step 1: Using two hands, hold the UrbanTrapeze in one and the steel cable in the other. Locate the arrow-guided clutch button, and insert one end of the cable into it. Push a few inches of the cable through the device, and leave the emerging cable for use later in steps two and three.

Step 2: Insert the emerging cable through the hardware and the UrbanTrapeze.

Step 3: To complete the loop, thread the end of the emerging cable through the end of the UrbanTrapeze, specifically through the unused clutch button. UrbanTrapeze’s built-in clutch mechanism will then secure the cable automatically.

Why Electrical Contractors Use UrbanTrapeze™ for Lighting System Installations

First, UrbanTrapeze is a cost-effective electrical lighting solution that is quick to install. It’s reusable and can be a hassle-free alternative to a cable adjuster. Its state-of-the-art built-in locking mechanism grips the steel cable. One of the most notable features of the UrbanTrapeze is it’s self-locking feature that makes it flexible and easier to adjust and is housed in an aesthetically pleasing design.

Electrical contractors use this for its quality and because it can handle a variety of lighting equipment and their corresponding weight. They know the best materials for completing the job, and they trust UrbanTrapeze to aid them with their lighting projects.

They also use the following  supplies for added efficiency in the workplace:

These are essential, especially if you’re an electrical contractor handling multiple clients daily. Make your life more convenient and your job faster with these handy tools.

Finding the Right Contractors Electrical Hanging Solutions

You’ve read about the best electrical mounting hardware in this article. As an electrical contractor specializing in installing complex lighting systems, you’ll need the best materials you can get, such as a reliable cable gripper solution. You’ll also need safe solutions that can assist you with the risky job of installing wires and bulky items at drop ceilings.

Thus, it is in your best interest to explore your options when it comes to the most competitive products on the market. You can find the best electrical mounting hardware from Ceiling Outfitters, so make sure that you grab the opportunity and add the tools you need to your cart today. Electrical contractors deserve the best tools to perform their jobs with the best results.

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