Steel Cable (1/8 inch)

Product ID: 62-10110




Professional quality wire rope for installing permanent large signs or other fixtures in the ceiling eco-system. 1/8 inch x 7 x 7* steel cable construction. Recommended safe working load is a 5:1 ratio (cable break strength divided by 5). Approximate break strength is 1700 pounds (771.1 Kilograms) resulting in a safe working load of 340 pounds (154.2 Kilograms).

Use with our UrbanTrapeze 3.0 with a 198 lb safe working load to create an adjustable loop that easily attaches to aisle and navigational signs, cable trays and more.

Available Lengths of 1/8 inch Steel Cable:
100 feet length (30.5 meters) spool Item #62-10110
250 feet length (76.2 meters) spool Item #62-10125
500 feet length (152.4 meters) spool Item #62-10150

Also available in 1/16 inch diameter thickness.

Meets federal specifications RR-W-410E.

*Steel cable construction is the method the wire is wrapped in a uniform helix around a core.

7x7 steel cable construction

The construction method for 7×7 steel cable.


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