Dual MagMover (20-Inch)


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We are offering a limited quantity of the 20-inch Dual MagMover™. Once the inventory is depleted this part will no longer be available.  First come is first served.

As with any MagMover you can achieve rapid transport to install or remove two ClikMagnets™ at the same time. Typical applications include wide signs, POP displays, short banners and fabric draping.

There are two models:

  • The Long Collar only attaches to any of our MagPole installation poles. As of this posting 4 are available. Part #10-10202-L 
  • The Short Collar is compatible with any installation pole with an Acme thread pattern including our MagPoles. As of this posting 44 are available. Part #10-10202-S 


  • Sturdy aluminum and steel construction
  • 20 inches wide (.508 meter)
  • Weighs .80 pounds (.3629 kilograms)
  • Patented
  • Made in Canada

Item #10-10202-S   |   Item # 10-10202-L

Other MagMover models include a Standard 6 inch Dual, Adjustable 24″ Dual, Single and the Eight Station Multi MagMover


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