Part of the Clik-Clik™ magnetic sign hanging system, the MagMover™ is a tool that attaches to the threaded end of any MagPole™ and is used to lift and position or remove ClikMagnets™ (along with the item being hung) from the ceiling.

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Heavy-duty aluminum construction ensures years of sign, banner, and décor installations and removals.

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The easy-to-use MagMover installs signs 70% faster than traditional sign hanging methods. Several models allow positioning of multiple ClikMagnets at the same time, eliminating the need to collapse and extend the MagPole multiple times during an installation. The corkscrew on the MagMovers is inserted into the metal ring of a ClikMagnet and pulled downward to retrieve an item from the ceiling. The twist of the corkscrew secures the item from falling and allows for a safe retrieval.

Using Multi MagMover from Clik-Clik Systems

Multiple models are available to accommodate different items with various dimensions. Choose from a Single-Station, several Dual-Stations, or an Eight-Station Multi MagMover™ for extremely flexible items (like fabric).

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