E-Z Grip 3-in. Insert for Elliptical Aluminum Banner Hanger


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The E-Z™ Grip 3-Inch Insert is one of several graphic holder options available for use with our E-Z™ Elliptical Aluminum Banner Hanger. The insert attaches along the top edge of your sign. The number of required inserts depends on the length of the graphic:

Length of Graphic Number of 3″ Inserts Required
Up to 24 Inches 2 Pieces
25 – 36 Inch 3 Pieces
37 – 48 Inch 4 Pieces
49 – 68 Inch 5 Pieces

Complete assembly requires at least two pieces per banner hanger.

Once attached, slide the completed graphic into the E-Z Elliptical Aluminum Banner Hanger for a professional upscale presentation of your ceiling display.

  • Accommodates sign material up to .080 inches (2.0 mm) thick
  • Made from clear PVC
  • The insert measures 1/2 inch (1.2 cm) high

Item #65-10503

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