UrbanTrapeze Gated J-Hook

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The UrbanTrapeze™ Gated J-Hook allows for quick and easy connections and disconnections when hanging navigation signs, POP displays, lighting, electrical fixtures, acoustical panels, and baffle systems from ceilings. The clutch-button on top of the unit releases the cable brake locking mechanism, allowing for easy incremental adjustments to level or change the height of the item. A built-in spring-loaded gate creates a closed hook to securely hold items being hung  in a dynamic environment. Works in conjunction with 1/16 inch (1.5 millimeters) 7 x 7 uncoated galvanized steel aircraft cable.

The safe working load should not exceed 35 pounds (16kg).

How To Use

UrbanTrapeze™ Gated J-Hook is simple to use. As you insert uncoated, galvanized steel cable into the top clutch, the built-in locking mechanism automatically grips the wire. To release, press the clutch button which allows the cable to freely move back and forth for quick and easy height and leveling adjustments.

More Information

Aesthetically pleasing in appearance, easy to use and more secure compared to competitive products, this Gated J-Hook cable adjuster is perfect for applications in retail display, conference, or event venues or any environments with acoustical panels. Measures 2.25 inches x .75 inch (5.7 centimeters x 1.9 centimeters). Chrome plated brass and steel material.


Requires 1/16 inch (1.5 millimeters) 7 x 7 galvanized steel cable. Do not use with coated or painted steel cable.

Item #63-10001

Please request samples for testing in your usage environment before purchasing.


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