Three Ways to Hang and Install Signs and Displays at the Office (Without a Ladder)

Three Ways to Hang and Install Signs and Displays at the Office (Without a Ladder)

Signs are a crucial aspect of our daily lives that often goes unnoticed. They guide navigating intersections, identifying potential construction hazards, and determining when crossing the road is safe. A simple scan of your surroundings would reveal the prevalent signs in our everyday routines.

The significance of signage extends beyond the general public and into the workplace. Signs are critical in informing employees of workplace hazards by outlining steps that mitigate risk. These signs must be understandable to ensure that workers are equipped to navigate various work environments safely.

Signs, like direction signs, are versatile for conveying information and can be mounted on various surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, fences, and poles. Discover effective methods for hanging signs at your workplace without requiring a ladder, and obtain the necessary tools to make this a hassle-free project to cross off your to-do list.

Why Does It Matter How You Hang Your Signs?

While safety location signs and warnings may rank low on the hierarchy of controls, they remain a vital component of workplace communication regarding hazards. By strategically positioning signs and tailoring them to the intended audience, they can effectively convey dangers and serve as a reminder even in the absence of others.

The placement of safety signs in the workplace is crucial because it can affect their effectiveness in conveying important safety information to workers. If signs are not located correctly, workers may not see them or misunderstand the information. Improper sign placement can also result in hazards being overlooked, leading to accidents, injuries, or even fatalities.

It is essential to carefully consider the placement of safety signs, ensuring they are visible, legible, and easily understood by workers when hanging signs from the ceiling. Additionally, signs should be placed in a location appropriate to the type of hazard being addressed, the work environment, and the targeted audience. By doing so, workers can be properly informed and reminded of risks, which can help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Hanging Office Signs from Drop Ceilings

Signs hanging from office drop ceiling

Drop ceilings, also known as “suspended ceilings,” “grid ceilings,” or “T-bar ceilings,” are secondary ceilings hung below the main ceiling. Regardless of what term you use, if you want to hang banners, signs, or even clear plexiglass guards from this type of ceiling, Ceiling Outfitters offers two types of connection clips, our E-Z Twist clips or the ClikMagnets, which are part of the Clik-Clik Magnetic Sign Hanging System.  

Either connecting devices allow for the flexible positioning of signs or displays without being limited by the location of existing ceiling grids. Anyone can easily install the E-Z Twist Clip by rotating the ends in place over existing grid edges. Typically, the installer uses a ladder to reach the ceiling which increases the risk of an accident, however the E-Z Reach Aluminum Installation Pole keeps the installer’s feet on the floor.

The Clik-Clik system can also be used to hang decorations in cubicles during holidays or birthdays to help recognize the season or a team member’s milestone.

Hang Displays from Open Beam Ceilings

Open-beam ceilings allow for more hanging options, and our Super ClikMagnet™ is the best solution on the market for connecting signs and banners to a traditional ceiling.

The powerful neodymium Super ClikMagnet is ideal for hanging midweight signs, banners, fabrics, and some heavier items and attaches to any steel or ferrous surface – including drop ceilings and open-beam ceilings.

The magnet’s durable plastic coating prevents ceiling scratches, and customers can select from white or black coatings for the Regular or Super ClikMagnets, to blend into colored ceilings. Our ClikMagnets also are available in up to 3 lb., 5 lb., and 20 lb. pulls.  For a nearly invisible connection to the ceiling, use our Clear LoopLine connecting cord.  It easily attaches to the connecting rings on the magnets and the connection point on the sign.  LoopLine is available in 25 lb. tensile strength in 82 ft. and 328 ft. spool lengths, in white, clear, or black. And in 10 lb. tensile strength in 164 ft. and 508 ft. spools lengths in clear only.

Installing Office Signs on Taller Ceiling Solutions

Taller ceilings over 27 ft. are typically found in commercial reception areas and manufacturing and warehouse spaces. They are often overlooked being viewed as too difficult or dangerous to reach. Our solution for a taller ceiling is the FlatHat™ System. Once installed, this system eliminates the need to climb a ladder and provides sign-connection points closer to the floor allowing for quick and easy installation of signs from the safety of the floor using the Clik-Clik installation tools.

The FlatHat Receiver, our innovative sign-hanging hardware for high ceilings, makes it much easier to hang signs and banners from taller ceilings without using a ladder or scissor lift. FlatHat Receivers simply attach to the ceiling with steel cable and are positioned to hang about 20 feet to 24 ft. above the floor. At 20 ft. to 24 ft. one of our MagPole installation poles can easily reach the Receivers and connect the sign to the Receiver with our Round ClikMagnets. Signs are connected to the ClikMagnet with our LoopLine cord, and the whole unit is lifted into place with the MagPole/MagMover combination of your choice.

Ceiling Outfitters® has everything you need to make hanging signs and other ceiling displays safe, fast, and simple.

Finding the Right Hanging Ceiling Signs for Offices

Whatever your office set up, Ceiling Outfitters has the solutions you need. Our products are designed with you in mind, created to be easy to install and reliable for any project.

Have other questions, or are you looking for additional products? We have you covered! Learn more about our ceiling hanging systems and solutions or contact our team today for further assistance. Happy hanging!