Tri-Line Cable Kit for Acoustical Panels with Gated J-Hook

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Strategically locate and attach horizontal acoustic ceiling cloud panels for better sound control with the Tri-Line Cable Kit.  Eight-piece kit includes the parts needed to create a three-point aircraft cable connection to an acoustical panel with a primary single connection to a drop ceiling standard 1″ (25.4mm) T-Bar.

Kit includes:

  • Metal Twist-On Ceiling Clip with threaded M6 stud, white.
  • Anchor Joint with screw-on connector cap for capturing the steel cable. Cap accepts an M6 threaded stud for alternate connectors.
  • Center hole in cap accepts a screw to attach to drywall or wood surfaces.
  • Three 59″L lengths of 1/16″ 7×7 steel cable (1.5mm) with barrel end. Is easily trimmed to a shorter length.
  • Three UrbanTrapeze™ In-Line Gated Hook. Enjoy push button adjustments from the UrbanTrapeze family of products.

Perfect for use with acoustic ceiling clouds and other acoustic treatment projects that feature dimensional material in a horizontal orientation.

Requires three D-Ring type connectors (not included) mounted to the panel.

Maximum weight rating is dependent upon the type of connector used. The E-Z Twist-On Metal Clip is rated at 30 lbs. The screw and drywall anchor rating will vary based on the size of the hardware used. Please test before final installation.

Part #63-10004


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Acoustical Panels FAQs

Are Horizontal Acoustic Panels Easy To Install?

Acoustic cloud panels, also known as (bass traps or sound diffusers) can seriously improve the sound absorption qualities and acoustical performance of your room. When it comes to sound control, the positioning of panels is crucial, but the problem is that for ceilings, they’re much more difficult to install. Ceiling Outfitter’s Tri-Line Cable Kit for Acoustical Panels makes it easy. With our kit, you don’t have to drill into walls or ceilings, install complicated/permanent fixtures, or worry about excessive cutting/measuring hanging wire length thanks to the Urban Trapeze included in the kit.


How do acoustic ceiling cloud panels work?

The acoustic ceiling panels (also known as bass trap, or ceiling clouds) hang from the ceiling horizontally, which positions them to absorb a wide range of sound energy coming up all point in the room, and anything above the ceiling (like the neighbors upstairs).