Tri-Line Cable Kit for Acoustical Panels with Gated J-Hook


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Strategically locate and attach horizontal acoustic ceiling cloud panels for better sound control with the Tri-Line Cable Kit.  Eight-piece kit includes the parts needed to create a three-point aircraft cable connection to an acoustical panel with a primary single connection to a drop ceiling standard 1″ (25.4mm) T-Bar.

Kit includes:

  • Metal Twist-On Ceiling Clip with threaded M6 stud, white.
  • Anchor Joint with screw-on connector cap for capturing the steel cable. Cap accepts an M6 threaded stud for alternate connectors.
  • Center hole in cap accepts a screw to attach to drywall or wood surfaces.
  • Three 59″L lengths of 1/16″ 7×7 steel cable (1.5mm) with barrel end. Is easily trimmed to a shorter length.
  • Three UrbanTrapeze® In-Line Gated Hook. Enjoy push button adjustments from the UrbanTrapeze family of products.

Perfect for use with acoustic ceiling clouds and other acoustic treatment projects that feature dimensional material in a horizontal orientation.

Requires three D-Ring type connectors (not included) mounted to the panel.

Maximum weight rating is dependent upon the type of connector used. The E-Z Twist-On Metal Clip is rated at 30 lbs. The screw and drywall anchor rating will vary based on the size of the hardware used. Please test before final installation.

Part #63-10004