Ceiling Outfitters® Adds Chroma Key Green LoopLine™ To Their Existing Product Catalog

Ceiling Outfitters® Adds Chroma Key Green LoopLine™ To Their Existing Product Catalog

Ceiling Outfitters has added Chroma Key Green LoopLine to the existing list of Clik-Clik™ Magnetic Sign Hanging System products available on the company website.

The Illusion of a Suspended Object on a Production Set

LoopLine is a patented, durable, connecting-cord. Configured with two-inch repeating loops, LoopLine provides a way to suspend signs, banners, and objects on a production set. The exciting feature of Chroma Key Green LoopLine, is its use in photography and videography, for both professional and amateur camerawork and it makes the illusion of suspension easy to edit in postproduction.

As early as the 1800s, photographers were looking for ways to create illusions in their work.  Techniques evolved from combining frames, exposures and superimposing images.

The actual evolution of the green screen began with a 1930s invention of chroma key technology. The original blue screen traveling matte technique was replaced as filmmakers realized green was more suitable to digital cameras.

One famous use of green screen was the combination of live-action with animation in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, produced in 1988.

How to Hang Signs or Objects Using the Chroma Key Green LoopLine

Chroma Key Green is offered in two spool sizes, 82 ft. and 328 ft. LoopLine makes hanging signs and objects quick and easy. Simply count out the same number of loops for each line and cut with scissors or a knife to the desired length.

Securely attach the line to the ClikMagnet by inserting one end of the LoopLine through the ClikMagnet ring.  Feed the opposite end of the line completely through the first loop and pull tight to finish the connection. Insert the opposite end of the line through the connection hole on the item you are hanging.

Feed the attached ClikMagnet through the first loop and pull tight. Choosing the Round Red ClikMagnet with up to a 20 lb. magnetic pull, your item will hang securely for camera work.

The entire line of LoopLine products is ideal for connecting Clik-Clik hanging magnets and other ceiling connectors to hang signs, displays or decorations. And with LoopLine available in black, white, clear, and now Chroma Key Green, it can be used in many different applications.

Created to replace expensive and “hard-to-work-with” steel cable, monofilament and barbed-string, LoopLine eliminates the annoyances of hanging a sign level.

LoopLine has proven effective with retailers, event planners, school districts, printers, grocers and manufacturers across the United States.

Suspending Objects in Your Next Photo or Video Shoot

When it comes to creating the illusion of a suspended object for your next photo or video shoot, there’s no better or faster way on the market than Chroma Key Green LoopLine and innovative hanging systems offered by Ceiling Outfitters.

To see more hanging solutions like E-Z™ Banner Hanging Systems, UrbanTrapeze™, and the entire Clik-Clik product line, visit the Ceiling Outfitters website at www.ceilingoutfitters.com

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