E-Z Hanging Sneeze Guard Kit (36 in. x 24 in.) with Aluminum Hanger Rails

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This complete, cost-effective hanging sneeze guard kit contains everything needed to hang sneeze guards from a drop ceiling. The aluminum rails trim the top and bottom edges of the guard panel and provide a professional upscale finished presentation. Provide personal protection and separation during face-to-face interactions with our crystal-clear hanging panels. Perfect for safely breaking up space in schools, retail locations (ex. checkout counter area), office desks/work cubicles, or reception desk counters, nail salons (ex. in between pedicure stations), hair salons, and medical offices.

What’s Included in This 3’x2′ Hanging Sneeze Guard Kit

This hanging sneeze guard kit has everything you need, and is made from a combination of the following items:

Qty Item
1 36″W x 24″H, 20 mil clear vinyl, flame retardant guard panel (or choose a different size here)
6 3″ E-Z Grip Inserts
2 36″W E-Z Elliptical Aluminum Banner Hangers
2 E-Z Banner Hanger Clips 
4 E-Z Banner End Caps
1 82 ft spool of LoopLine™ White
2 E-Z Twist-On Metal Ceiling Clips attaches sneeze guard to ceiling grid

Easy to Install & Adjust

Installation is easy for these lightweight guards:

  1. Unroll the flexible guard panel and place an equal number of grip inserts along the top and bottom edges.
  2. Insert into the Aluminum Banner Hanger cavities.
  3. Add banner hanger clips and end caps.
  4. Use the included LoopLine and twist-on metal clips to hang it from a drop-ceiling grid.

Easily adjust the height of the barrier by varying the length of the LoopLine cord (click to learn how to use LoopLine). Hang with a gap above or underneath the guard to allow a pass-through space or flush to your counter, desk, or floor to maximize coverage.

Other Product Details

Weight: 2.1 lbs.

Item #69-10007


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to hang a sneeze guard?

There are a number of factors you need to consider, including ceiling type, ceiling height, the weight of your chose sneeze guard, personal preference, etc. But, it’s easier than you may think. Check out the detailed analysis and recommendations here. We’re very confident that you’ll find an easy, low-cost, less invasive solution that will work for your ceilings and workplace.

Is there plexiglass hanging hardware?

Absolutely yes. What you use will depend on your ceiling type, ceiling height, and the thickness and weight of the plexiglass guard. See our recommendations here.

How do I clean my vinyl sneeze guard?

The best cleaner is with warm water and a mild soap solution with a microfiber cloth. Be sure and rinse well with clear water.

There are commercial products on the market including Mat Pro, 303, and Imar. Be sure and follow the directions carefully.

DO NOT USE bleach, ammonia, alcohol, or other harsh cleaners which could cause the vinyl to cloud over. Read the labels carefully.

Always test a small corner of the sneeze guard before cleaning the whole material.

What are the requirements for hanging a sneeze guard?

Sneeze guards should be installed anywhere where your employees interact with the public, and hanging them is a great alternative to the floor or counter-based sneeze guards.

You will need:

  1. Rope, cord, or string, and a sneeze guard shield.
  2. A ceiling magnet, clip, or hook.
  3. Ladder (if you’re working with a finished ceiling).

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How high should a sneeze guard be?

An effective sneeze guard should be 72 inches high when measured from the floor, which should exceed the mouth height of most people.