Banner Hangers: How To Hang Banners from Ceilings

Banner Hangers: How To Hang Banners from Ceilings

Hanging up banners in a retail location, office, event venue, or similar space requires the right hardware – and there are several types of banner hanging systems.

How do you know what’s right for you?

How to Use Banner Hangers on Ceilings

Hanging signs and banners, can be very frustrating. You can have tangled wires, curling edges, and even safety hazards. We’re able to give you real solutions that help ensure your signage integrates beautifully in your space.

Step 1: Choose a System

Our two main types of hanging systems work together (or separately) to help you create an excellent presentation of your message.

There’s the E-Z Banner Hanging System and the Clik-Clik™ Magnetic Sign Hanging System.

The E-Z Banner Hanging System

The E-Z Banner Hanging System improves the visibility of your message and is available in aluminum or plastic versions – and each has its own benefits. These products allow you to stabilize the top and bottom edges of your banners, preventing curling and unnecessary movement of the graphic which improves the visibility of the printed message.

Metal Banner HangerE-Z Aluminum Banner Hangers 
  • E-Z Aluminum Banner Hangers allow you to create an ultra-professional, upscale look. These sleek, contemporary banner hangers come in 24-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch lengths. There is an end cap to give the graphic a finished appearance, a joiner for connecting two or more, a hanger clip that interfaces with the ceiling connectors and several graphic inserts that accommodate a variety of graphic materials.
Plastic E-Z Banner HangerE-Z Plastic Banner Hangers
  • E-Z Plastic Banner Hangers are an economical solution to stress-free banner hanging. They’re designed to attach quickly, just like the aluminum hangers do, but they’re made for lightweight signs. These plastic banner hangers are available in 22-inch, 24-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch lengths.


Clik-Clik Magnetic Sign Hanging System

The unique Clik-Clik Magnetic Sign Hanging System is a ceiling display system that makes banner-hanging faster. This completely ladderless system will actually reduce installation time by up to 70 percent, and because it allows just one person to safely install a complete display in seconds, it’s perfect for locations large and small.

You can choose a Starter Kit for the Clik-Clik system based on your needs, including:

Clik Clik: Easily Hang Signs from CeilingsEvent Planner Kit

includes a turnkey solution for party décor like lanterns, mobiles and lightweight banners. It comes with the One Button MagPole, Single MagMover, enough ClikMagnets™ for 20 ceiling connection points, as well as the LoopLine™ for connecting magnets to the visual display. The Event Planner Kit is made for ceilings under 14 feet high.

Low Ceiling Kit

The 10-sign Low Ceiling Kit, designed for ceilings under 14 feet, includes 20 Super ClikMagnets™ in white or black, a one-button MagPole™ and a Dual MagMover™, as well as 82 feet of LoopLine.

Tall Ceiling Kit

The Tall Ceiling Kit is made for ceilings up to 22 feet high and provides the supplies needed to hang up to 20 banners. It includes a MagPole that extends to 18 feet, a Dual MagMover, 40 Super ClikMagnets and 328 feet of LoopLine.

Extra-Tall Ceiling Kit

Our Extra-Tall Ceiling Kit – a premium package that allows you to hang up to 20 banners from ceilings under 27 feet high – includes a telescoping Monster MagPole™, a Dual MagMover, 40 Super ClikMagnets and 328 feet of LoopLine!

Step 2: Connect the Banner to the Metal or Plastic Hanger

Step 3: Connect the Hanger to the Ceiling

Do You Need Help Choosing Banner Hangers?

Ceiling Outfitters has the hardware and banner-hanging accessories you need to properly use signage throughout your space. Whatever the problem, we can help you pick the perfect banner hangers for your needs – call us at 877-866-2545 or email us to ask questions or get help with placing your order.

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