Attract Customers With Retail Ceiling Display Solutions That Pop!

Attract Customers With Retail Ceiling Display Solutions That Pop!

The look of retail ceiling displays matters a great deal. It isn’t always about finding the lowest price or the best value. The aesthetic appeal of the signage your business uses often makes the difference between significant sales and sluggish sales.

This is true for retailers, grocers, event planners, corporate offices and beyond. Whether you are looking to push a product or service or simply generate interest in something, it is imperative that you sweat the small stuff like the visual appeal of your signage.

The Competitive Advantage You Need

Every line of business is competitive. It doesn’t matter if you sell groceries, clothing, cookware, books, electronics or services. Part of what distinguishes your business from the pack is the appearance of your signage and displays. It is not enough to have a unique product or other offerings. The way it is presented often matters just as much as its utility.

Market your offering in the proper manner and you will enjoy an important competitive advantage. Your merchandise ceiling display must inspire interest. It should intrigue and attract customers of all backgrounds.

However, the display should not be intolerably colorful or visually “loud” to the point that it makes the prospective buyer feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. It is important to strike the perfect balance between a display that is uninspiring and one that is overly-stimulating.

A One Size Fits All Solution Does Not Exist

The way your products or services are displayed and advertised should differ by each specific offering. Perform some tests to determine what works and what does not work for specific types of products. A decorative ceiling display with energetic visual stimulation might suffice for a certain product and fail for another. Some displays are simply incompatible with certain types of merchandise. The presentation should jive with the specific offering’s look, merits, function, and other characteristics.

Of critical importance are scale and color. Particularly small items should not be presented on large displays. Large items should not be presented on diminutive displays. Colorful items might benefit from comparable plain-colored displays and vice-versa.

Strive for Balance

The best displays present products in a balanced manner. Consider how a prospective buyer perceives merchandise with an especially dark color. Such an item looks heavier than it really is. Alternatively, a light-colored item appears lightweight. Small items are also viewed as light while large items are perceived as overly-heavy. These features must be accounted for when determining how to display items.

It is prudent to position small and light-colored items or items toward the top of displays. Position dark-hued and heavy offerings toward the bottom. Such positioning creates a sense of balance that inspires the prospective buyer to spend more time examining the display. The longer a customer spends looking at the product, the more inclined he or she is to buy it.

Take the extra step of making sure that the display is as symmetrical as possible. Don’t put too many items on one side unless they are counterbalanced by a particularly large or heavy item on the opposite side.

Balance provokes a positive emotional response. A display that is balanced in terms of color, size and perceived weight really does make the customer attracted to the offering.

Alternatively, a lack of balance spurs an impression that the offering is imbalanced and inferior. Such a display even has the potential to make the prospective buyer feel nervous. He or she might not be aware of this feeling, but he or she will certainly feel the urge to move on to another section of the store or to a competitor’s business.

Combine Impactful Signage and Displays with the Proper Lighting

You can invest in the perfect ceiling display, signs and other visual stimulation only to sabotage the presentation with faulty lighting. This is a common mistake made by retailers, grocers, and businesses of just about every variety. Lighting is essential to the success of your display.

Never illuminate a display directly from above. Such illumination generates unsightly shadows that are a major turnoff to prospective buyers. Incorporate lighting the front and sides of the display to improve the offering’s three-dimensional aspects. Light the display from several different angles. Alter this illumination as necessary each time the display is changed.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Something as small as examining the display from several angles can provide important insight that inspires minor but important changes. Take a step back and view your display as if you are a customer. Approach the display from several different angles that customers take when walking through your facility. Make sure the offering looks balanced. The focal point should be perfectly positioned. All signage should be easily visible and readable. In the end, a business owner or manager who sweats these subtleties will maximize sales.

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