1. How can I choose the correct magnet?

Choosing the correct ceiling magnet is easy.

First, determine the weight of the item you are hanging.

Next, determine the ceiling type to which the magnet will be attached. You will attach to a Drop-Ceiling (Suspended) or an Open-Beam Ceiling.

When attaching a light-weight decor item to a drop (suspended) ceiling with one connection point, choose the Mini ClikMagnet™ (up to a 3-pound pull) or the Regular ClikMagnet™ (up to a 5-pound pull). The Regular ClikMagnet™ will also work with signs made from lightweight material that require two connection points to the ceiling.

Heavier banners and signs from heavier stock like styrene and draping cloth will require the Super ClikMagnet™, which has up to a 10-pound magnetic pull or the Round Red ClikMagnet™ which has up to a 20-pound pull.

Now, a word about magnetic pull. We state that our magnets have “up to a 3-pound magnetic pull”, “up to a 5-pound magnetic pull”, “up to a 10-pound magnetic pull”, or “up to a 20-pound magnetic pull”. Do not assume that two magnets will give you double the pull power. If one line is shorter than the other line, the shorter line will be holding the full weight of the visual display.

What we can’t control is the composition of the material the magnet is being attached to. For example, the metal channel for drop ceilings is made from an alloy of metals that includes steel. The percentage of ferrous (iron) material present determines how close to a full 3, 5, 10 or 20 pound magnetic pull the magnet provides. However, attaching magnets to an open-beam ceiling normally results in the full 3, 5, 10 or 20-pound magnetic pull from the magnet. The exceptions will be the number of layers of paint, fire retardant, dirt or bumps on the surface of the metal and the direction of pull.

Finally, if you have any questions, please let us know. Call 972-588-1555 or email us here.

2. Choosing the correct MagMover™?

The Single MagMover™ is used to install decor items or signs that require one connection point to the ceiling.

Typically in a retail environment, ceiling signs use two connection points to the ceiling. This necessitates the use of the 6″ Dual MagMover™ or the 24″ Dual MagMover™. The Dual MagMover™ allows you to raise and retrieve two magnets to the ceiling at one time. Wide signs with two grommets will be easier to install with the 24″ Dual.

When installing large banners with several grommets, choose the Multi MagMover™ which has six magnet stubs. You can raise all six magnets at the same time. By turning the MagPole™, you can connect one magnet at a time to the ceiling, walking along to the next connection point.

3. What is LoopLine™ and why do I need it?

This is the heart of our system and it will make your life easier. LoopLine™ is our patented cord that connects the ceiling magnet (ClikMagnet™) to your sign/banner. It is simpler and faster to use than traditional cords like monofilament and barbed-string. LoopLine is made from two-inch repeating loops. With the same number of loops on each side of a sign, for example, it will hang level. Additionally, there are no knots to tie. Simply loop the line back through itself and cinch up to tighten the connection. We recommend connecting the LoopLine to the ClikMagnet first and then to the display item. See a video explaining LoopLine below:

4. How can I determine my ceiling height?

It can be difficult to determine a ceiling height. We can help. You just need a known reference point… like the height of a door or a store fixture. Typically, doors are about 7-8 feet high. Stand about 20 feet in front of the door, extend your arm in front of you and “measure” the object’s height using your thumb and index finger. We have a downloadable PDF that will walk you through the process.

5. What is the FlatHat™ System?

This product helps virtually lower tall ceilings (27 feet or higher) to a more accessible height. The FlatHat™ Receiver attaches to the free end of steel cable that is connected to the ceiling. Set the receiver at about 15 feet from the floor. You will use the Round ClikMagnets with this system and the 24 inch Dual MagMover. To make attaching the Receiver to steel cable easy, use our UrbanTrapeze™ to create a loop in the cable, finish the connection and with the push of a button, adjust the height and level the receiver. FlatHat works just like the Clik-Clik System. You can use our MagPole product and LoopLine.

6. Sales Tax

If you are a resident of Texas, you are required to pay sales tax on your purchase including shipping costs. Certain organizations qualify to an exemption. To receive this exemption, please send us a completely executed Texas Resale Exemption Certificate which can be downloaded from here. You will need to call us to place your order and we must have the properly executed Exemption form in our possession before processing your order.

7. Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets are made from rare-earth ore. A permanent magnet, they are the strongest commercially-available magnet and have a high resistance to being demagnetized.

8. Calculating LoopLine lengths for Slanted Ceilings

You will need to know three numbers.

  1. The RISE (see below)
  2. The RUN (see below)
  3. The distance between the sign grommets (see below)

With this, you will know the length difference between the two lines (in inches).

To find the RISE and the RUN:

  1. Rest the opened MagPole vertically on the shortest wall with the MagPole extended from the floor to the ceiling. Record the length of the MagPole in inches.
  2. Move the vertical MagPole EXACTLY 12 inches away from the same wall.  Extend the MagPole vertically from the floor to the ceiling. Record the length of the MagPole in inches.
  3. The difference between these two numbers in inches is the RISE.
  4. The RUN is the 12 inches you moved the MagPole away from the shortest wall.

Distance between grommets:

Measure the width (in inches) between the two grommets (ring-size holes) on your sign.

The formula is:

RISE/RUN x distance between sign grommets = number of inches to add to length of one of the lines.


  • Rise is 8”
  • Run is 12”
  • Distance between grommets is 24”

8/12 x 24 = 16.08”  (One line would be 16.08 inches longer than the other line.)

Suggestion: If using LoopLine CLEAR, add the extra 16.08” with a section of LoopLine BLACK so that it is easy to know which direction to hang the sign. The line with the black addition would be to the “peak” side of the building.

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