Dual MagMover (24-Inch)


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The 24-inch Dual MagMover, attached to any MagPole™, is specially designed for ease of use with drop ceilings. The 24-inch length mirrors the width of most drop ceiling tiles, allowing for rapid transport and removal of two ClikMagnets at the same time. Typical applications include wide signs, POP displays, short banners and fabric draping.

A 24-inch Dual MagMover is the preferred component for use in conjunction with the FlatHat™ System. The FlatHat system is a solution for hanging materials from ceiling heights in excess of 27 feet.  When using the FlatHat system, the required width between attachments points for the sign needs to be 24 inches, the exact width of the 24” Dual MagMover.


  • Sturdy aluminum and steel construction
  • 24 inches wide (.61 meter)
  • Weighs .88 pounds (.4 Kilograms)
  • Patented
  • Made in Canada

Item #10-10242

Other MagMover models include a Standard 6 inch Dual, Adjustable 24″ Dual, Single and the Eight Station Multi MagMover

Custom sizes can be designed to meet project specifications. Minimum quantities apply. Call for pricing and availability. 

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