MagPoles, part of the Clik-Clik™ magnetic sign hanging system, make it simple and safe to hang signs, banners and decorations from ceilings. Our telescoping installation poles are offered in a variety of models with the ability to reach ceiling heights up to 27 feet (8.2 meters) while keeping one’s feet safely on the ground.

If you are not sure which MagPole to choose because you don’t know the height of your ceiling, this link will take you to an easy-to-use tool for quickly determining the ceiling’s height: Determine Your Ceiling Height

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Durable aluminum and fiberglass construction, along with a one-year warranty, will provide for years of professional long-term use. The poles are lightweight and effortless to maneuver. The auto-lock push button mechanism ensures secure extensions and closings. All models retract for ease of transport and storage.

Any MagMover screws onto the standard acme threaded end of the MagPole to lift ClikMagnets™ and the item being suspended to the ceiling. Load signs, banners, or décor easily with the pole in a vertical position resting on the floor; no need to tip the pole horizontally thereby reducing the amount of lifting required and the risk of hitting an object or person with the pole.

The heavy-duty aluminum, telescoping poles can also be used for other applications with tools that have a standard female acme thread.

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