E-Z Connect Binder Post and Screw Set – 20 Per Bag




The E-Z™ Connect Binder Post Set attaches a E-Z™ “U” Hook (sold separately) sign hanger to graphic displays constructed from Fome-Cor® (foam board), Gatorfoam®, Sintra® and other thick substrates. Each binder post set consists of a binder post and a screw, manufactured in aluminum for improved strength and durability. Binding capacity is determined by the length of post selected. A 1/4 (.64 centimeter) or 3/8 (.95 centimeter) inch screw completes the connection. A low profile head on both components exhibits a professional finished presentation. The un-slotted post measures .203 inch (.52 centimeter) in diameter x .415 inch (1.05 centimeter), for use in 7/32 inch (.56 centimeter) holes. Screw is has an 8-32 thread diameter x .415 inch (1.05 centimeter) slotted head.

Sold in bags of 20 binder post assemblies, not mated.

1/4-inch Binder Post (.64 cm) – Binder Capacity up to 1/8 inch (.33 cm) Item #64-10014

1/2-inch Binder Post (1.27 cm) – Binder Capacity up to 1/4 inch (.64 cm) Item #64-10012

3/4-inch Binder Post (1.9 cm) – Binder Capacity up to 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) Item #64-10034