UrbanTrapeze® Magnetic Sign Hanger Kit


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This sign hanging kit includes everything you need to hang signs up to 3/8” thick signs from ceilings using a magnet. The SmartConnect™ magnet attaches to drop ceiling T-bar, steel girders and other horizontal surfaces with ferrous content. The Heavy Duty Panel Connector includes UrbanTrapeze technology that provides incremental adjustments to level the sign with the push of a button. A minimum of two kits needed per sign. More may be required based on the sign width and weight.

The Kit Includes:

Making the Connection

Insert the cable through the Coupler with the ball end resting inside the Coupler. Screw the Coupler onto the magnet. Attach the Panel Connector to the sign and insert the free end of the cable through the Panel Connector. You are ready to hang the sign.

Download a dimensioned drawing to assist in positioning the Panel Connector holes in sign substrate.

Part No. 60-30100

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