Flush Mount Clips (50/Bag)

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Flush Mount Clips securely hang signs or displays flush to metal ceiling grids or beams. These metal “O”-shaped pinch clips have a crossover lock. Ideal for low ceilings.

  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • Secure cross-over lock (pinch clip)
  • Dimensions: Each clip measures 1-1/4” in diameter (1.2 centimeters)
  • Weight: Bag of 50 weighs .10 pounds

To use this short ceiling solution for hanging signs or displays flush with the ceiling, simply:

  1. Attach the Flush Mount Clip to the center ring of a ClikMagnet™.
  2. Insert clip into the grommets of the object being hung and squeeze to lock.
  3. Place ClikMagnets on an Adjustable MagMover™ which is attached to a MagPole™.
  4. Adjust the MagMover™ post positions to match the distance between grommets then lift straight-up to the desired position.

Items will hang 2-3 inches from the ceiling.

Made in Canada.

Item #10-29150

Components required to complete your installation (choose 1)

One Button MagPole

Our durable installation One Button MagPole™ is designed for professional long-term use. The aluminum and fiberglass construction offers a lightweight, sturdy pole that is easily maneuvered when fully extended to reach ceilings as high as 14 feet* (4.23 meters).

Item #10-11702


Dual MagMover 24″ Adjustable

The Adjustable Dual MagMover™ attaches to any MagPole™ is easy to use with drop ceilings. The sliding “Posts” each hold any of our ClikMagnets™.  The 24-inch length mirrors the width of most drop ceiling tiles, allowing for rapid transport and removal of two ClikMagnets at the same time. Ideal for use with the Flush Mount Clips for direct attachment of ClikMagnets to drop ceilings “T” bars.

Item # 10-12402



Choose any of our ClikMagnets for connecting to the drop ceiling.


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