Flush Mount Clips-50 Per Bag




Flush Mount Clips securely hang signs or displays flush to metal ceiling grids or beams. Ideal for low ceilings.

Simply attach Flush Mount Clip to the ring of a ClikMagnet™. Next, insert clips into the grommets of the object being hung, place ClikMagnets on an Adjustable MagMover™ attached to a MagPole™. Adjust the MagMover™ post positions to match the distance between grommets then lift straight-up to desired position. Items will hang 2-3 inches from the ceiling.

Constructed from stainless steel with a secure cross-over lock; each clip measures 1-1/4” in diameter (1.2 centimeters).

Bag of 50 weighs .10 pounds.

Made in Canada.

Item #10-29150