FlatHat™: Hang Signs from Tall Ceilings (>27 ft.)

Meet Taller Ceilings Halfway

FlatHat™ Creates A Connection Point You Can Reach

Ceilings in commercial spaces taller than 27 feet are simply out of reach to someone standing on the ground. Unless you’re comfortable climbing a tall ladder or renting a lift, your ceilings probably stay bare. Understandably, you don’t spend the time (or danger) of having employees hang signs/banners from your tall ceilings… Until Now.

Introducing FlatHat™: The Solution for Hanging Signs from Tall Ceilings Over 27 Feet Tall

The FlatHat Receiver, our innovative sign hanging hardware for high ceilings, makes it much easier to hang signs without a ladder or lift from taller interior ceilings. FlatHat Receivers are attached to the ceiling with steel cable and positioned to hang about 20 feet above the floor.

This one-time installation creates a reachable fixed connection point that receives a ceiling magnet (ex. Round ClikMagnet™), which is connected to the sign with our LoopLine™ cord, and raised into position with Clik-Clik’s Standard MagPole™.

Ceiling Outfitters® has everything you need to implement FlatHat, making sign installation on Taller Ceilings SAFE, FAST and SIMPLE.

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To install the Receivers, download our FlatHat Brochure (PDF) which guides you through the installation process.

The required components are available below.

For ceilings shorter than 27 feet, there’s a simple magnetic sign hanging solution called Clik-Clik that you should check out.

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