E-Z Rectangular Twist-On Ceiling Hook (20/Bag)

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The perfect solution for hanging lightweight signs or ceiling accessories from standard 1-inch drop ceiling grids. Simply twist to securely install and lock in place. The hook can easily be removed or re-positioned using our E-Z™ Twist Installation Pole (sold separately).

If you are hanging sneeze guards, please consider using our E-Z Twist-On Metal Ceiling Clip  for a more secure connection with heavier items.

LoopLine connecting cord easily slips over the open hook for as easy-to-install solution. Slip the first loop of LoopLine into the hook for a secure connection.

Rectangular base measures 2 inches in length (5.1 centimeters) X 1 1/4 inches wide (3.2 centimeters) X 1 3/4 inches tall (4.4 centimeters). Features a 1/8 inch opening (3.2 millimeters). The .47″ deep hook is ideal for use with LoopLine or 1/16 inch steel cable.

White Styrene.

Sold in bags of 20.

Item #60-10003

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