LoopLine Chroma Key Green for Green Screen Use

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Chroma Key Green LoopLine™ is a durable cord used to suspend objects during Digital/HD video or still photography production.

When Chroma Key Green LoopLine is used in tandem with a green screen, it becomes part of the background giving the suspended items the appearance of levitating.  Replace hard-to-work-with steel cable, metal chain and monofilament with this easy to install, reusable, time-saving and cost-efficient product.

  • Formulated to provide precise and easier keying during post-production
  • Cut with scissors or knife; not expensive tools
  • 25 lb. (11.3kg) tensile strength
  • No knots to tie or threat of knots slipping
  • Easy to un-loop for re-use on the next project
  • Fire retardant; self-extinguishing
  • Made from synthetic virgin high-density polymer
  • Recyclable
  • Patented

LoopLine connects easily and securely to boom arms, ceiling clips or wire grids commonly used to strategically position objects in the shot: Click here for our LoopLine how-to guide.

82 Feet Spool – Item #10-73125
328 Feet Spool –  Item #10-73100

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How to Connect With LoopLine



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