The Art Behind a Successful Visual Display

The Art Behind a Successful Visual Display

Creating and properly presenting a visual display is easier said than done. There is certainly an art to hanging signs in terms of creating a visually striking aesthetic and showcasing it to generate the optimal reaction. Here’s a look at the art and science of hanging signs.

A Tool for Clear Communication

The purpose of a visual display is to effectively communicate to the prospective buyer. A hanging sign must convey a message regarding value or merit. A sign that communicates such a message in a clear manner captures the attention of shoppers. More importantly, it will express the benefits of a particular product, service or event. Engaged prospects are inclined to spend additional time in the store dramatically boosting conversion of a prospective customer into an actual customer.

The complexity of the sign is especially important. If it takes a prospect 10-20 seconds to process the sign’s message, he might tune it out. This is especially true for signs positioned by entrances or other areas where people typically spend a couple seconds at most. So, don’t hang complex signs that take more than 10 seconds to process in areas of the store where customers don’t spend significant amounts of time. Place signs with simple designs and messages in these spaces.

Creativity Pays Off

The marketing and presentation of offerings are becoming increasingly important in our commercialized society.

Hanging signs that highlight the benefits of a product or service makes a massive difference to the consumer and how they perceive that product.

Signs with unique designs, color schemes, and fonts make an especially powerful impact on viewers. This is your chance to be creative and create an eye-catching visual display. So, take a chance.

Being different will pay enormous dividends. Prospects pay more attention to visual displays that have distinctive features. Face it, people are flooded with ads throughout the entirety of their day and if your hanging sign blends in with other visual displays and advertisements, it won’t garner much attention.

Create a Theme

Most successful hanging signs have a distinct “look” or theme that reinforces other visual displays in the business. Brainstorm a cohesive theme that is presented on each of your store’s visual displays. This overarching look ensures visual displays jive nicely with one another and make a lasting impact on prospects. This does not mean every hanging sign should feature the same colors, fonts or graphics. Rather, hanging signs should share similar features that unite them into a cohesive whole.

The theme you settle on is influenced by the products or services you offer. Strive for overarching unity and you won’t run the risk of prospects shrugging off your displays as being random and uncoordinated.

Draw Inspiration from Others

If you are struggling to come up with ideas for your visual display, take a look at what other businesses are using for signage. You don’t have to copy these ideas. Simply taking a look at the visual display strategies of other companies should inspire you in new and exciting ways. Note how these businesses use color, fonts and themes to create signs that reinforce one another throughout the facility. Take mental notes of the signs’ best features, file them away and use them as inspiration for your signs.

The Power of Color | Ceiling Hanging SystemsThe Power of Color

Prudent use of color is essential to every successful visual display. Take a close look at the hanging signs you find to be impactful and memorable. You will likely find they use striking colors.

A customer who enjoys looking at your store is strongly inclined to return. Color is especially important when it comes to the frequency of ad reading. A black and white sign is more likely to be ignored than a sign rich in color or a sign that contrasts diverse colors. This is precisely why most sales signs are red. Red invokes an emotional response from viewers. The typical person’s perception of a store or other business is shaped within the first couple of minutes in the facility. Position hanging signs rife with captivating colors near the entrance of your store and you will stand a good chance of converting that prospect into a paying customer.

Match Displays to Products

Position the visual display near the products mentioned on the signs. While you don’t have to position the product directly below the hanging sign, you can achieve precise sign placement with the Clik-Clik™ Magnetic Sign Hanging System. Remember, hanging signs should lead customers in the general direction of advertised products. Avoid forcing your customers to wander the store to find the products touted in the visual displays and advertisements. Make it easy for them and your sales will spike.

About Ceiling Outfitters:

Since 2007, Ceiling Outfitters has partnered with over 2,000 organizations and 22,000 stores nationally within the retail, manufacturing, education, and hospitality industries. Ceiling space and storefront windows are optimal visual display locations and we help customers utilize these areas safely, quickly, easily and more economically.

Our premier magnetic sign hanging system transforms the ceiling eco-system into a workable location for strategic placement of ceiling signs or displays and helps employees suspend items without a ladder or lifting device.