E-Z Twist™ Drop Ceiling Grid Clips & Hooks

Suspend lightweight signs from drop-ceiling tile grids with the E-Z™ Twist Drop Ceiling Grid Clip.

It makes hanging signs from ceilings a breeze!

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Suspended Ceiling Hooks & Clips

Drop ceilings are also called “suspended ceilings”, “grid ceilings”, or “T-bar ceilings”. Whatever term you use, if you want to hang signs, banners, or even plexiglass sneeze guards from them, the simplest way to do that is with a ceiling hook or clip. The workhorse of the Point-of-Purchase (POP) Display industry for over 40 years, our updated version of the ceiling clip/hook includes easy-to-use LoopLine™ Light cord, which replaces traditional metal-barb tipped string and monofilament.  Available in plastic and metal. Easily installs with our E-Z™ Twist Aluminum Installation Pole.

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Ceiling Clip Hardware FAQ

What can I hang from a ceiling grid?

Anything from lightweight signage, banners, graphics meant to catch the eye. You’ll want to be considerate of the limited strength of the ceiling grid, so make sure your sign or banner is roughly less than 15lb so that your ceiling doesn’t bend over time.

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Why are Ceiling Clips are Better Than S-Hooks?

Ceiling clips and S-hooks each have their advantages and are suitable for different hanging applications. However, if you simply need to hang a sign or banner, evenly, simply and safely You can’t beat the convenience of a plastic or metal ceiling clip.

Stability and weight distribution: Ceiling clips often provide a more secure and stable attachment to the ceiling grid. They typically snap onto the grid tightly, distribute the weight of the sign more evenly across the grid thereby reducing the chances of the sign slipping or falling. S-hooks, on the other hand, may be more prone to movement, sliding along the metal frame of the grid which then would unevenly distribute the area of ceiling that is supporting your signage.

Uniformity: Ceiling clips are low profile, and designed to blend with the ceiling grid and tiles for an overall cleaner appearance. S-hooks, however, may stand out and interrupt the overall aesthetic of the space.

Ease of Use: Ceiling clips just “snap” onto existing ceiling grids, locking them in place. Hooks are dependent on perforations or worse, just looping around the grid metal itself being held in place only by the weight of the ceiling tile.

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