Purlin Anchor Clip


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Purlin Clip is an effective way to create an attachment point on the flange of a steel girder.  Strategically place the anchor points when hanging signs, displays and other ceiling-based devices.

  • Attaches to the edge of steel I-beam flanges from .118 in. to .315 in. (3mm-8mm) thick
  • Anchor hole is .25 in. diameter; accepts connecting lines including steel cable, jack chain and LoopLine™
  • Use rubber mallet to hammer device onto flange edge
  • Gator teeth grip the steel flange
  • Steel with galvanized zinc finish
  • 1.68 x .15 x .96 (42.7 x 38.1 x 24.4 mm)

Part No. 64-20100

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