E-Z Snap and Grip Banner Hanger

Product ID: 65-10622


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Requires one bag E-Z Snap and Grip Banner Hanger Clips (sold separately), which insert into the banner hanger and provide a connection point for ceiling clips. Banner hanger clips are removable for future use.

Frame lightweight ceiling signs with our economical E-Z™ Snap and Grip Banner Hangers. Designed to attach quickly, easily and securely along either top or bottom sign edges. Simply snap open the hinged insert, position the graphic and snap closed for a secure grip. Integrated soft plastic fins hold graphics firmly in place for improved visibility by preventing curling, bowing or twisting. A built-in rail stop ensures no pinching of the sign stock when the unit is closed. Positioned along the bottom edge of hanging materials, it also acts as a stabilizer to weight down graphics. Clear, square shaped, PVC plastic banner hangers measure .75 inch (1.9 centimeters) in height by .25 inch (.64 centimeters) thick and are designed to accommodate thinner signs up to .040 inch (1.0 millimeter) thick. Available in multiple lengths to accommodate various graphic sizes.

22 inch (55.9 centimeter) Item #65-10622
24 inch (61.0 centimeters) Item #65-10624
36 inch (91.4 centimeters) Item #65-10636 
48 inch (1.2 meters) Item #65-10648

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