Miracle-Sticks-500 Per Roll

Product ID: 40-10000


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Miracle-Sticks® improve visual presentation and execution of your sign program when attaching signs to glass, metal, wood, plastic, tile and floor display/models.*

The unique double sided Miracle-Sticks strip has our standard high tack and high sheer adhesive on both sides. Provides an economical alternative solution to adhesive tape and shelf clips commonly used in retail.

Simple to install and removal is quick and easy, too, using the adhesive-free built-in thumb tab. Virtually leaves no adhesive residue or tape shards when removed.

Packaged 500 strips per roll in a convenient dispenser. 1.60 inch x .40 inch (4.06 x 1.02 centimeters). UV stabilized. Patented.

Item #40-10000

Also available: Miracle-Sticks® Large 3 inch X .75 inch (7.62 x 1.9 centimeters). Inquire about minimums and lead time.

*Not for use on drywall or wallpaper surfaces.

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