Sign Hanging System: 10 Sign Extra Tall Ceiling Kit (27 ft. max)


Monster MagPole

36 in stock (can be backordered)

Dual MagMover (Standard 6-Inch)

148 in stock (can be backordered)

LoopLine Cord (82 Feet)

Super ClikMagnet (10/Bag) 10 lb. pull × 2

We are currently out of stock on Super Black. Consider using the Super White.  It will be late February or early March before inventory is replenished.


This complete package hangs up to 10 signs from ceilings under 28 feet (8.5 meters). The starter kit including our telescoping Monster MagPole™, Dual MagMover™, Super ClikMagnets™ and patented LoopLine™ and allows a single individual to safely, quickly and easily attach signs or decor items to drop or open-beam ceilings without climbing a ladder.

Kit Includes:

1 – Monster MagPole extends to 23 feet (7.0 meters)
1 – Dual MagMover installs 2 magnets
2 – bags of 10 Super ClikMagnets white or black with up to a 10 pound (4.5 kilogram) magnetic pull
1 – 82 feet (25 meters) spool LoopLine connecting cord in white, black or clear

LoopLine™ connects the Clik-Magnet™ to the visual display without tying knots. Simply loop the line back through itself for a quick, simple and secure connection that allows for easy removal and reuse when changing signs. Ceiling signs always hang level using cord cut with the same number of loops.

Item #10-98502

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