FlatHat for Ceilings Over 27 ft.

A Solution for Hanging Signs on Ceilings Beyond the Reach of a MagPole

Hang signs or displays from ceiling heights over 27 feet using the hardware for sale below.

Clik-Clik’s ladderless FlatHat™ system virtually lowers the ceiling to an accessible height, achieving the same safe, quick, and easy-to-use results as the traditional Clik-Clik system.

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The required components are available below (our USA-based company ships anywhere in the Americas) and include the FlatHat Receiver, Round ClikMagnet, steel cableUrbanTrapeze cable lock, along with a MagPole, 24 inch Dual MagMover™, and LoopLine.

How to Hang Signs From Tall Ceilings:

  1. Using the products below, attach the steel cable to the ceiling where sign placement is desired securing the connection with a crimp.
  2. Thread the free end of the cable through an UrbanTrapeze and attach to the ring of a FlatHat Receiver.
  3. Finish the connection by threading the cable through the opposite side of the UrbanTrapeze.
  4. With the push of a button, adjust the UrbanTrapeze to the preferred height and level the sign.
  5. Connect the Round ClikMagnets to the sign using LoopLine cord, position on the 24-inch Dual MagMover threaded to a MagPole and raise to connect securely to the Receiver.

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