E-Z Hanging Sneeze Guard Kit (48″x48″) with Plastic Hanger

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Complete economical sneeze guard kit (4 ft. x 4 ft.) contains everything needed to hang it from a drop ceiling. The plastic banner hangers securely grip the top and bottom edges of the guard panel. The top hanger holds the guard firmly in place to prevent bowing or twisting and the bottom hanger acts as a stabilizer to prevent curling. Provide personal protection and separation during face-to-face interactions with our crystal-clear hanging panels. Perfect for safely breaking up space in schools, retail locations (ex. checkout counter area), office desks/work cubicles, or reception desk counters, nail salons (ex. in between pedicure stations), hair salons, and medical offices.

What’s Included in This 4’x4′ Hanging Sneeze Guard Kit

This hanging sneeze guard kit has everything you need, and is made from a combination of the following items:

Easy to Install & Adjust

  1. Unroll the flexible guard panel.
  2. Snap open the Plastic Banner Hanger, insert the guard panel and snap closed along both the top and bottom edges.
  3. Place banner hanger clips into the cavity on the upper Banner hanger.
  4. Use the included LoopLine and E-Z Twist-On Ceiling Hook to hang it from a drop-ceiling grid.

Easily adjust the height of the barrier by varying the length of the LoopLine cord (click to learn how to use LoopLine). Hang with a gap above or underneath the guard to allow a pass-through space or flush to your counter, desk, or floor to maximize coverage.

Other Product Details

  • ✓ Ships from the USA USA flag
  • ✓ Fast install (hangs in minutes)
  • ✓ High-quality

Weight: 2.9 lbs.

Item #69-10005


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