LoopLine 400


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LoopLine™ 400 is our NEW alternative to 7 x 7 x 1/16” steel cable. This strong, durable, patented cord has 400 lb. tensile strength. Put an end to working with sharp, frayed metal ends, this easy-to-install, reusable product can be cut with scissors. No special installation tools required. Configured with two-inch repeating loops, simply cut each line with the identical number of loops to insure your object hangs level. For a secure connection that ensures the line is reusable, simply loop the product back through itself when attaching to the visual display. Ideal for use with heavier aisle and navigation signs.


  • Made from nylon or polyethylene polymers.
  • Tensile strength 400 pounds (180 kg)
  • Offered in 115 feet (35 meter) spools
  • Made in Canada
  • Offered in Cable Gray

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